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2060 Process Analyzers

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An expandable multiparameter analysis platform with ultimate flexibility in process analytics

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Monday, May 9, 2022 - 09:47

The 2060 platform from Metrohm Process Analytics enables customized online monitoring of industrial processes with multiple parameters and streams. The Metrohm 2060 Process Analyzer platform not only offers modularity within one cabinet, but also can combine up to four individual cabinets to create a single analyzer configuration. But wait, there is more. Multiple analytical techniques are also available to integrate on this platform to solve any analytical challenge. From ion chromatography for online monitoring of ionic compounds in aqueous media to titration and photometry for a wide range of wet chemical applications.

The 2060 platform are available for different analytical techniques to cover different applications - the 2060 TI Process Analyzer for wet chemistry analysis and the 2060 IC Process Analyzer for ion chromatography analysis.


Safer working environment due to lack of manual sampling
Greater and faster return on investment (ROI)
Automated sampling and calibration to guarantee excellent detection limits, and high reproducibility
Save money by reducing downtime: analyzer sends alarms for out-of-specification values which inform the operator sooner
Increased longevity of valuable company assets (e.g. early corrosion detection)
Integrated preconditioning system which is fully controlled by your Metrohm Process Analyzer
No standard solution. Each analyzer is custom-made and unique to each application


Areas of application Power plants, semiconductor, petroleum, chemical, metal, galvanic, mining, pulp and paper, textile, food and beverages and pharmaceutical
Ingress Protection Depend on the analysis technique. Protection class ranges from IP54 to IP66.
Capabilities Versatility and flexibility with three basic configurations for ion chromatography, wet chemistry and spectroscopy determinations.
Number of sample streams Multiple sample streams (1 to 10)
Compliance CE compliant International Electrotechnical Commission Explosive (IECEx) Hazardous-area-rated
Certifications Certified for explosion-proof electrical area classifications (ATEX, ClassI Div2/ ClassI Div1…)
Software Facilitates the acquisition of analytical data from Metrohm process analyzers, the display and transfer of results to any PLC/DCS, the seamless connectivity to external systems (e.g., sensors), and the smooth execution of advanced programs.

Relative Business Impact

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About Metrohm Process Analytics

Metrohm Applikon, headquartered in Schiedam, the Netherlands has been designing, manufacturing and distributing online analytical analyzers worldwide for nearly 45 years. Our industrial process analyzers are now known under the Metrohm Process Analytics brand name. Thousands of these reliable process analyzers perform online or atline analysis for process control with high precisions and uptimes, day in and day out.

Metrohm Process Analytics offers a wide range of analytical equipment which can be supplied with sample preconditioning systems as well as network software for local or remote data handling and analyzer control.


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