UK Energy Technology Platform


Delft, Netherlands, July 6, 2020, the fastest-growing technology platform in the Energy industry, and Carjon-NRG, an Aberdeen headquartered Technology Deployment Service Company, delivering energy innovation around the world, announced today that they will join forces for the delivery of a UK Energy Technology Platform. The Goal of the new UK Online platform is to connect technologies to Operators, Developers and end-users in the UK Oil, Gas & Renewable Energy sectors and be the catalyst for rapid technology deployment.

“We’re excited to partner with Carjon-NRG to deliver this platform. Operators, Developers & End-users in the Energy industry are keen to innovate, but they often struggle to know which technologies are available, and what has already been used by other Operators and in other parts of the world. Also, people often don’t have the specific technical expertise required to sustainably embed the technology in their business. With this UK platform, we make finding technology for operators & developers in the UK Energy industry as easy as finding a great restaurant or accommodation online. And provide access to effective support services required to get the technology deployed,” said Erik Nijveld, Managing Partner of was launched in Q3 2018, based on >20 years of technology deployment experience. It has rapidly grown in terms of content and functionality.

The COVID-19 challenges have further accelerated the growth, as due to travel and meetings restrictions, suppliers are seeking alternatives to exhibitions and other conventional ways to attract buyers for their technology.

End-users are keen, as it helps them to quickly get an overview of available technologies, underpinned by deployment references and reviews. Suppliers can promote their technologies on for free, and individual users can access the content for free. In addition, they can commission relevant services to support the uptake of technology.

“The online platform will be fully aligned with the Oil & Gas Authority, MER-UK & Net-Zero strategy as set out by the Technology Leadership Board, as well as, Oil & Gas UK Led Energy Transition Roadmap 2035. As such, it will support the industry with the drive to make the most of existing assets whilst reducing CO2 emissions. It will also support the UK economy through the export of UK technologies and expertise”, said Colin Black, Managing Director of Carjon-NRG.

The UK Energy Technology Platform will be online in Q3 2020. Suppliers can already register their technologies via The moment the UK Energy Technology Platform goes live, the technologies will then also be visible there, provided the technologies are in line with the UK priority areas, this way maximizing visibility in the UK as well as globally.


ABOUT TECHNOLOGYCATALOGUE.COM is the fastest-growing technology platform that aims to connect Oil & Energy companies with innovative technology. We make finding technology in the energy industry as easy as finding a restaurant and provide access to all required support to help you position your technology for success and get deployment done. Over the years, we’ve facilitated more than >700 technology deployments for tens of different operators. For more information visit,


Carjon-NRG is a Technology Deployment Service Company, Delivering Energy Innovation around the world.

Established in 2015 during the global Oil & Gas downturn to help Operators and their Technology Suppliers address key challenges in managing safe, efficient & cost-effective operations by realising the true potential of effective innovation implementation and deployment.

Headquartered in Aberdeen to support Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy projects on an international basis, our experienced team and subject matter expert consultants provide a range of support services delivering energy innovation that brings significant value to our Clients, the Environment, and our Communities .

Since 2015, we have supported multiple Business Development, Export, Internationalisation, Inward Investment and Technology Deployment projects.

In June 2020, Carjon-NRG became the UK Partner for Technology Catalogue’s “UK Energy Technology Platform” to further deliver energy innovation in the UK & International Oil, Gas & Energy markets. For more information visit,