Safety Delta Nederland, launch dedicated online platform showcasing safety techs for Dutch (petro) chemical industry

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Safety Delta Nederland Technology Platform now accessible to all stakeholders


DELFT, THE NETHERLANDS --- Fastest growing online technology platform and Safety Delta Nederland (SDN) teamed up to deliver the first-of-its-kind platform aimed at promoting technological solutions to improve safety performance and significantly reduce incidents in the Dutch (petro) chemical industry. 

The SDN Technology Platform ( is an online platform showcasing innovative solutions offered by suppliers and technology experts from all over the world. The platform is meant for (petro) chemical industry stakeholders --- businesses, scientific institutions and public sector agencies --- with operations and/or offices in the Netherlands. 

SDN Program Director Arjan van Dijk emphasised that there are many novel and proven technologies and significant expertise across the country that can improve safety. However, there is a need to make them centrally available and easily accessible to the industry. 

“The SDN Technology Platform is one of the key components of our overall strategy to organise resources and connections in a single online space for all our stakeholders to refer to, bringing the Dutch (petro) chemical industry abreast of best practices and closer to becoming the safest in the world by 2030,” van Dijk noted. 

Based on careful assessment of what the industry needs, the platform highlights the following themes: (i) Safety Culture and Leadership, (ii) Risk Control and Assurance, (iii) Monitoring and Learning, (iv) Process Safety-Asset Integrity Management, and (v) Health and Personal Safety. 

Established in October 2020, SDN is a tripartite organisation composed of companies in the Dutch (petro) chemical industry, scientific institutions and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. It aims to make the Dutch (petro) chemical industry internationally recognized as a leader in the development and implementation of safety concepts related to managing hazardous substances. 

“Bringing together technology suppliers, end-users and experts in one space is in the DNA of And we are proud to be part of this great initiative by SDN to strive for a much safer Dutch (petro) chemical industry by making resources centrally available to all stakeholders,” Co-founder and Managing Partner Vincent van Beusekom said.

Registering technologies and expertise on the platform is free. Suppliers and experts who want to target Dutch (petro) chemical companies are encouraged to register their technologies and services to get visibility and generate direct leads. 


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About Safety Delta Nederland 

Safety Delta Netherlands is a collaboration between the Dutch petrochemical industry, science institutions and government. 

Parties have the ambition to improve the safety performance of the Dutch (petro)chemical industry and be collectively number one in safety performance by 2030 and as such internationally recognised as leader in the development and implementation of safety concepts related to managing hazardous substances. 

This ambition will be met, amongst others, by easier access to information on safety tools, processes and culture, by connecting specialists and practitioners and by knowledge sharing about innovative safety concepts. 

Knowledge sharing about the availability and application of technologies is done through this platform. All other information about the Safety Delta Nederland can be found on the website. Here you can share your knowledge about safety concepts through frequently asked questions, documents, studies, workshops or publications. You can also ask for more information or get in touch with experts via this website.

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