A New Way to Generate Cost Savings and Elevate Decision Making Within Complex Maintenance and Asset Integrity Field Operations | Webinar with TRUApp Energy

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Lessons Learned by Complementing Producer’s CMMS and ERP and Bridging the Billion Dollar Performance Gaps Within Maintenance & Asset Integrity Operations Across the O&G Industry. 


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Join Michael D’Iorio, VP of Industry Solutions for TRUApp Energy for a 30-minute webinar and learn all about the 3 areas within Maintenance & Asset Inspection field operations at large producers that carry seven or eight figures of unnecessary costs per field, per year.

  1. Breaking the Cycle: Reversing the Outdated, Inefficient Workflows and Cost Controls Embedded within Maintenance & Asset Integrity Field Operations.
  2. Gaining Clarity: A Look Inside the Black Box of Field Operations Workflows (The Leading Path to Accelerating the Automation and Digital Transformation)
  3. Securing a Foundation for the Future: The Diversified Energy Producers F.O.E (Field Operations Ecosystem) 

Interested in this solution tried and tested by a major energy company like Eni? Then, register for the webinar on 26 January 2023 at 4pm CET!


See you on the 26th of January at 4PM CET!



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About TRUApp Energy

TRUApp dramatically reduces the non-productive time (NPT) and sunk costs associated with opaque operational workflows within asset intensive O&G facilities. The system provides 24/7/365, on-demand visibility to the complete costs of field labor, materials, equipment, maintenance, repairs, HSE, training, documentation, regulatory & compliance.

It has been battled tested, with workflows continuously improved daily via the input of field managers, supervisors and crafthands. The platform functionality and simplified usability has been informed by nearly 200 subject matter experts in O&G field operations across world leaders like BP, Conoco, Phillips, Chevron, Shell, plus numerous independent producers.

Meet the Speaker:

Michael D’lorio, VP for Industry Solutions – Energy

Michael D'Iorio, VP of Industry Solutions for TRUApp Energy. Michael leads the software providers' domestic and international growth efforts. He has a B.S in Marketing from Penn State University and is responsible for the definition and implementation of TRUApp's enterprise sales and partner programs. 

There will always be professionals in the field, executing the work, to help deliver the energy we need. They cannot do their best work, safely, and efficiently, if they continue to be overrun by spreadsheets and chasing around documentation. The amount of NPT (non-productive time) spent in their day to day gaining approvals, searching, entering, checking information, and preparing internal reports is tremendous. It’s a problem that’s growing as regulatory and compliance tightens, and producers diversify their energy mix. Leveraging automation, my team and I provide the interoperability required to ensure collaboration, communication, and coordination from the field, straight through to the corporate office.”

- Michael D'lorio 

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