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Vacant Positions: 

Full-stack Web Developer   Community Manager  

When you apply, please send your CV and a brief motivation letter.

Deployment Matters supports suppliers and end-users with accelerating the uptake of technology. Our main product is The platform was developed based on first-hand experience that it is often difficult for decision makers to stay up to date on available technology-driven improvement opportunities for their business

In a sense, this platform works similar to platforms that we’re used to in our consumer life, such as TripAdvisor and Before this was introduced in Q3 2018, such a technology platform didn’t exist yet for B2B! It helps companies to effectively make a selection from the literally tens of thousands of technologies available in the marketplace, based on references and reviews.

Our main initial focus has been on Oil & Gas, and we’re now taking the steps to broaden the platform, e.g. including technologies for the Energy transition.

Why Deployment Matters?

At Deployment Matters , you have the chance to work on an exciting product, unique in the B2B world.

Deployment Matters itself is a start-up, with all the dynamics that come with it. From our office in Delft we work with a dynamic international team to realise our ambitions. The sky is the limit: based on your energy, passion and ambitions, you can help shape the company, and you will report directly to one of the managing partners.

At Deployment Matters, you would be working with a very large number of international companies. The suppliers linked to the Technology Catalogue are typically small to medium sized enterprises. Users of the Technology Catalogue typically work for large to very large companies. Working with all these different people and companies gives you a unique perspective.

Are you ready for the challenge?!



Vacant Position: Full-stack Web Developer

We are looking for a Web developer to join our growing team in a fulltime position.

As Web developer you will work on our existing and new platforms in a growing and ambitious environment. Your work will not get boring because you will build new features, incorporate 3rd party features, perform bug fixes and work on new cross platform developments.

Applicant Profile:

  • You should have at least 3 years of experience in web development
  • You have knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • You have knowledge of cross-browser and cross-device compatibility issues
  • You have experience with agile development/scrum methods
  • You have knowledge of Angular, Nodejs, API, GitHub, Docker
  • You like problem-solving and innovation
  • Knowledge of AI would be a plus
  • Knowledge of Drupal would be a plus
  • Knowledge of Ionic would be a plus
  • You have written and verbal English communication skills. Dutch is a plus.

We offer:

  • An inspiring work location in Delft, The Netherlands
  • A monthly salary of €2800-€4200 per month (based on knowledge and experience)  + 8% vacation allowance.
  • Opportunity to work from home 1 to 2 days per week
  • 25 holidays/year

For further information about this job posting, please contact:

Ingmar Caprino – Platform Development Manager | Deployment Matters


Vacant Position: Community Manager

We are currently seeking an enthusiastic full-time Community Manager. As a community manager, you will serve as one of the faces of and help build our global community. You will be reporting to Venesha Brooks, Marketing Manager.

Some of the activities a Community Manager will be responsible for are:

  • Overall responsible for all our Social Media channels
  • Grow and manage local online and offline communities. In some cases this will be jointly with the local partners (e.g. UK Platform)
  • Moderate the social media, platform, and chat groups and interact with the community to increase positive engagement.
  • Explore new community-friendly platforms to facilitate the expansion of the user base and awareness.
  • Conduct research and interviews to learn more about current trends, developments and perceptions.
  • Liaising with internal stakeholders to relay customer feedback insights gained from online conversations within the community.
  • Using social media to engage users, respond to questions or complaints, and to promote company initiatives.
  • Schedule and post daily messages, as well as, articles on all digital community platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, etc.).
  • Analyse key social and online engagement performance metrics to identify opportunities with significant community impact and report this to the Marketing team.

Applicant Profile:

  • Outgoing personality - you will be required to reach out to people on social media and be comfortable introducing yourself to strangers.
  • Writing skills and communication skills
  • English as mother tongue
  • Social media experience
  • Interested in the energy industry -  a Community Manager needs to be passionate and willing to grow in the industry
  • Interest in technology and new ways of working
  • PR experience - having experience with public relations is nice to have
  • Culture fit
  • Social selling and growth hacking skills
  • No 9-5 mentality. Willing to do extra hours if needed.

We offer:

  • An inspiring work location in Delft, The Netherlands
  • A monthly salary to be negotiated. This is based on full-time employment.
  • Opportunity to work from home 1 to 2 days per week
  • 25 holidays/year

For further information about this job posting, please contact:

Venesha Brooks – Marketing Manager |


When you apply, please send your CV and a brief motivation letter.