Frequently Asked Questions from Technology Users

What do you see as the key advantages for end-user companies?

End-users spend far less time to find out about what’s available; they have options at their fingertips. Also, helps to quickly select relevant technologies, based on deployment references and reviews. This saves a lot of time speaking to individual suppliers

What’s the cost of accessing

Users can access for free. In the future, we will also launch paid subscriptions that offer more functionality, similar to the way LinkedIn has free and premium subscriptions.

I heard that you also offer a ‘plug’ into Is that correct?

That’s correct. Many companies have their own internal Technology Catalogue, in one form or another. There is a key challenge with in-company catalogues (and we experienced that first hand when we were running technology deployment activities in Shell): how to keep the content up to date?
A model whereby the information is kept up-to-date by suppliers is far more effective, as suppliers have a clear incentive to do so. That’s why we offer companies a plug into our catalogue, and to feed them with up-to-date information.

Can Deployment Matters also help me as end-user to select appropriate technology?

Yes, definitely. We can support you with e.g. technology screenings. As we have been working on technology deployment for many years and been involved in ~600 deployments, we can quickly advise what technologies will likely work for your company, based on analogue assets and projects. Please visit our website for the full consultancy services that we offer.

I struggle to get technology deployed in my organisation after I’ve identified it. How can you support to overcome that challenge?

There are various ways how we can support. E.g. by doing a Technology Positioning Program, which helps to identify the (non-technical) pain points. Or by doing a Technology Deployment Health Check, which can help to assess the overall effectiveness of technology deployment delivery in your organisation. If it’s a technical challenge, we typically connect you to one of the experts in our network.