Frequently Asked Questions from Technology Users

Can people not just use Google to search for solutions?

In theory, yes. In practice, Google will overwhelm end-users with the number of search matches that will pop up when searching for technology. Either you have to be very specific with keywords you use to search or you have to parse through thousands of search matches to arrive at relevant results. 

With, searching is simplified with the use of filters which are based on years of experience in the sector and feedback from end-users. 

We already have our own internal catalogue/database. Why would we use your platform?

Our platform has multiple advantages, including the following.

  • By using our platform, there is no longer a need to use valuable resources to maintain your own catalogue/database.
  • The information about technologies on our platform is kept up-to-date by suppliers, and they have a clear incentive to do so. This way you always have access to the most recent information.
  • Our platform provides you with an external perspective.
  • We thereby offer rich data insights based on which you can replicate technologies that worked for other companies.
  • The consistent feedback that we get from our customers is that our platform is user-friendly. Also, our customers value the support they get, whenever they need help.


Where do you get the deployment data from?

Suppliers provide the data about technologies. This includes data regarding which companies have deployed the technology, on the basis that the supplier is allowed to provide such data.

What is your business model?

We earn our money by selling subscriptions to suppliers and end-users. See our website for our offerings.


Do you get commissions from transactions resulting from contacts made on the platform?

Transactions between end-users and suppliers or between end-users and tech experts as a result of the matchmaking role of the platform are independent of the platform. We DO NOT work on a commission basis.


Does the transaction take place via the platform?

No, but it starts from the tech page. You can send a message to the supplier via the contact form and request a quote or schedule a meeting to discuss. Then, the moment you want to purchase the technology, it follows your normal procurement process.


Do I have to pay when reaching out to the supplier of a technology on the platform that I am interested in?

No. Using the contact form to reach out to suppliers or tech experts is FREE and even encouraged. 


Is a replacement for direct contact between supplier and end-user? DOES NOT replace direct contact between supplier and end-user. It facilitates matchmaking between suppliers and end-users all over the globe through the dynamic features of the platform. 

What’s in it for suppliers?

By registering technology on, the tech page of suppliers will get global visibility, 24/7. The best part: it costs a fraction of the price of participating in exhibitions. With better analytics and higher visibility resulting from our targeted communication efforts, suppliers can even skip most of the exhibitions and cut on their marketing costs.


Does focus on novel innovations, proven technologies, or both? hosts BOTH novel innovations and proven technologies. Most companies in the industries that we support want to be (fast) followers, and they are therefore most interested in technologies successfully used by others.
However, our experience also is that the moment value is delivered through the deployment of proven technologies, end-users are open to hearing about novel solutions. Hence, we give our end-users access to both types of technological solutions.


Who supplies the information for tech pages?

The tech suppliers provide the information, with the exception of user/expert reviews. These user/expert reviews are never anonymously, thereby providing the checks and balances for claims made on the pages.
Before reviews are published online, the team reviews the information provided and makes sure they pass the standards we set for technology pages. 


Can I also write reviews on technologies that we have previously used or are currently using in our company?

Yes. In fact, we encourage our customers who have experience deploying the technologies on our platform to write objective and informative reviews. These reviews do not have to be detailed and long, as long as they will provide insight into the technology.

Kindly note that we do not allow anonymous reviews, so reviewers are required to indicate their name and affiliation when writing reviews on technologies.


Do you share user details with suppliers?

We facilitate communications between our platform users through the platform. We thereby do not disclose the e-mail addresses of our users.

I struggle to get technology deployed in my organisation after I have identified it. How can you support my business to overcome that challenge?

We have a huge network of deployment partners with a wide range of expertise that we can tap to assist you in deploying technologies. Please share your business challenge with us so we can help you find an expert

We heard that you also deliver technology deployment workshops. Can you provide some details?

Our workshop “Technology Deployment: How to Get it Done and Maximise Outcomes!” has been delivered to hundreds of participants. This workshop has been set up to share key insights on the industry best practices that address the most pressing business challenges, as well as, discuss the tools and processes to optimise your technology deployment workflow.

The workshop is held virtually and if preferred, it can also be delivered on-premise (Additional cost will be added).

Can you help my company with building a technology plan?

We certainly can. We can support you with building a Technology Plan for your organisation and advise you on how to make the deployment happen. The scope of work is all about creating pull from assets and projects through a selection of top technologies, and defining the specific actions leading towards successful deployment.

We can advise you about applicable technologies, based on challenges/opportunities, as well as, what has been done by other operators in analogue assets/projects. This is all captured in a technology plan (typically 20-30 pages). 


Does replace exhibitions?

Not necessarily. Exhibitions are important for networking. A challenge is though that there are so many exhibitions. Having a booth at many exhibitions translates into a significant cost for suppliers. As an end-user, exhibitions can be very overwhelming events, whereby it is very difficult to find the right tech. 

A platform such as makes it far easier to find the right technology. Similar to the way that platforms help us to find restaurants or hotels in our daily life.