Frequently Asked Questions from Tech Experts

What is the role of a Deployment Partner?

At, we aim to form partnerships with companies that offer services that can help to get technology deployed. For example: technical consultancy companies, technical training providers. 
We refer suppliers and end-users to one of our Deployment Partners, whenever a supplier or end-user needs technical expertise or training. It is then between the Deployment Partner and the customer to come to an agreement. 

How can I become a Deployment Partner?

Does your company offer technical or non-technical expertise to get energy technologies deployed? Then please contact us at

Is there a cost associated with becoming a Deployment Partner?

The partnership however does need to be mutually beneficial. Simply stated, by being on the platform as a Deployment Partner, you will create visibility for your expertise and attract customers. 
It will help us to grow the size of the platform community.

What are the benefits of being a Deployment Partner?

In order to get technology deployed, suppliers and end-users often need specific technical expertise or training. This is where you come in.

  • Through our platform you have access to technologies that can solve your client’s challenges. Effectively, you don’t enter the office of your client ‘empty-handed’, but with the platform ‘under your arm’. We have experienced ourselves how powerful this is, and it has helped us to charge attractive consultancy tariffs.
  • You will be highlighted on the page listing our Deployment Partners.
  • You will get your own page on our platform. Click here for an example. On this page, you can highlight your expertise, and also create an overview of your consultants. 
  • The page also shows the technologies for which you have written a review. By writing a review, you can highlight your expertise to suppliers as well as end-users. Feel free to include a few lines in the review that you can support deployment! The review will be visible on the technology page. Click here for example. 
  • Note that the technology pages and the reviews are not only visible on the global platform; the tech pages and reviews are also visible in the spaces of companies that have a subscription with us, such as Aramco, AKER BP and Harbour Energy; provided the technology is in line with the business needs of the company. This way your reviews get extra visibility.
  • We would introduce you to suppliers and end-users, whenever we see a fit with your activities. You can explore business opportunities with those suppliers and end-users directly.
  • We would share relevant social media content posted by you with our network


How can the Deployment Partner support

There are multiple ways you can help us!

  • Highlight our platform to your current and potential customers and encourage them to subscribe to our platform. Note: individual users can join the platform free of charge, with our Starter subscription.
  • Introduce us to interested parties
  • Share relevant social media content posted by us with your network
  • Highlight us as a partner on your website

There are also a couple of things we can do together.

  • Sell platform subscription in combination with Deployment Partner consultancy hours/training packages; targeting customers of the Deployment Partner as well as customers of
  • Highlight the partnership on social media and newsletters

How can help me reach more clients?

Joining the platform and keeping your tech expert page evergreen is a good starting point. To maximise your exposure on the platform, you can write reviews on technologies that you have experience in or are knowledgeable about. This way, end-users looking at technologies would see your reviews and might consider hiring you to assist in deploying the technology.

Another way to reach more clients is through the webinars we offer, where you can showcase your expertise by giving a masterclass to potential clients. For more information on how you can carry out a webinar with us, please email us at

We will also be able to provide you with data analytics that will allow you to attract customers. Contact us for details.

Can people not just use LinkedIn to search for people with technical/non-technical expertise?

In theory, yes. In practice, LinkedIn is quite overwhelming and not specifically focused on getting energy technologies deployed. 

Still, LinkedIn is great to show your and your team members’ credentials, and that is why we do create a link between experts and their profile on LinkedIn. We don’t want to duplicate information, but instead use our platform to fill an information gap.

What’s the added value of writing reviews?

By writing reviews, you clearly demonstrate your expertise towards suppliers as well as end-users. This gives you the opportunity to position yourself towards both groups for business opportunities.

Is a replacement for direct contact between technical experts and potential clients? DOES NOT replace direct contact between tech experts and potential clients, it complements it. The platform offers advanced functionality to highlight your specific expertise to get technology deployed, this way distinguishing yourself from competitors.

What is your business model?

We earn our money by selling subscriptions to suppliers and end-users. See our website for our offerings.

Do you get commissions from transactions resulting from contacts made on the platform?

Transactions between end-users and suppliers or between end-users and tech experts as a result of the matchmaking role of the platform are independent of the platform. We DO NOT work on a commission basis.

It may happen that we subcontract work to our Deployment Partners. In this case, the Deployment Partner delivers work through us. Although this is a model that we apply, we would not stop you from entering into agreements directly with companies that have a subscription with us.

What’s in it for suppliers?

By registering technology on, the tech page of suppliers will get global visibility, 24/7. The best part: it costs a fraction of the price of participating in exhibitions. With better analytics and higher visibility resulting from our targeted communication efforts, suppliers can even skip most of the exhibitions and cut on their marketing costs.

Does focus on novel innovations, proven technologies, or both? hosts BOTH novel innovations and proven technologies. Most companies in the industries that we support want to be (fast) followers, and they are therefore most interested in technologies successfully used by others.
However, our experience also is that the moment value is delivered through the deployment of proven technologies, end-users are open to hearing about novel solutions. Hence, we give our end-users access to both types of technological solutions.

Who supplies the information for tech pages?

The tech suppliers provide the information, with the exception of user/expert reviews. These user/expert reviews are never anonymously, thereby providing the checks and balances for claims made on the pages.
Reviews are provided independently either by our tech experts (for tech pages) or previous clients. Before reviews are published online, the team reviews the information provided and makes sure they pass the standards we set for technology pages.