Check out one of our best-selling solutions, the pneumatic transport hose the PCC

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In combination with mechanical transport methods, pneumatic modules can be integrated in an efficient production process in a versatile and flexible way. Only a large assembly hall is required. In combination with the principle of vacuum transport, all relevant metals in the containment area are removed.

With the ProClean Conveyor (PCC), HECHT has developed an extremely flexible and reliable transport system. The pneumatic device is the ideal connection for various machines such as granulators, dryers, mixers, mills and centrifuges.

It is also suitable for the loading of goods into various containers such as vats, FIBC's or boxes within your own process. The PCC ensures a high transport capacity for long transport distances and guarantees a safe transport of explosives. In addition, it is designed for a wide range of applications.
This special application with its innovative filter head offers no other possibilities.

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