Scope optimisation for Turnarounds

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Development and implementation of Minimum Intervention Strategy for Inspection (MISI) has resulted in cost reductions for shutdown related inspection work of up to 50% . The MISI concept was launched at the API Inspection Summit in Galveston USA in January 2015 and has been very successfully applied in many installations since.

MISI-Consultancy can deliver a review of your existing maintenance & inspection strategy with a focus on data quality, the status of Risk Based Maintenance analysis and the specification of an optimised maintenance & inspection scope.

Although developed for the Oil and Gas industry the concept and principles can easily be applied for other industries as well.

MISI-Consultancy can execute these activities for you and guide the implementation. We collaborate with reputable companies in non-destructive testing, robotic applications and inspection data analytics.


Our expertise
RBI & Minimum Intervention Strategy for Inspection
Inspection Strategy 4.0:
Reach up to 50% cost reductions for your turn arounds
Maintenance optimisation:
Application of Reliability Centered Maintenance strategies
Countries where we can support you
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom
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MISI-Consultancy delivers services for improvement of Maintenance- and Inspection strategies with a specific focus on MISI, a Minimum Intervention Strategy for Inspection.

The objective of MISI is change of the inspection scope from intrusive to non-intrusive by applying advanced non-destructive examination. The remaining intrusive scope is optimized by using robotic technologies and LEAN principles.

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