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Transversal and replicable business enablers. Integration in a system conception. Embedding knowledge in adaptive concepts creating a differentiating positioning allowing to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Technology scouting and sourcing (for OEM), selling/licencing technologies for startups and universities, and portfolio optimization.

Our expertise
Technology/innovation management:
Strategic consultancy creating new market spaces and advancing innovation with business rethinking. Driving product/process/service innovation to gain market leadership and technology tie-in with customers.
Engineering (mechanical and materials):
Using key enablers (technology, standards, infrastructure, IP) for agile and lean assessment followed by successful introduction of new functional solutions.
Chartered Engineer (UK and Europe) and Certified Management Consultant (CMC):
Using data gathering and enriched analytical methods to identify innovation paths. Projects in China (FMCG), Germany (machinery), Israel (high-tech), Ireland (purchasing specs), The Netherlands (services).
Countries where we can support you
  • Europe
  • Israel
  • Russia
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International experience in strategy, sourcing, innovation and networking aimed at the creation of competitive platforms and market positioning. Driving innovation to gain market leadership and technology tie-in with customers.

+31 6 516 19 544
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Tech Expert

Alejandro Sanz

Managing director

Expertise in Strategically Linked Technologies at

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