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Sagacious Research (Sagacious IP) is one the largest IP research firm globally that reliably supports the worldwide IP community including Corporations, IP firms, Licensing Firms, and Academic Institutions. Sagacious offers 50+ services grouped in 9 major categories: Patent information / searching, Patent licensing / monetization, Patent drafting support, Trademark search / watch, Patent paralegal, Patent prosecution support, Corporate IP Trainings and IT for IP (IP Software Development / IP Tool Consulting).

The following are the key differentiators:

  1. 300+ full-time in-house technical experts trained on multi-jurisdiction IP laws and literature
  2. Widest possible coverage of global patent and non-patent literature including native language search capabilities
  3. Expanding and diverse customer base of 5,000+ clients from 60+ Countries (including 150+ corporations, 100+ academic institutions and 1,500+ IP firms)
  4. Experience of successfully completing 25,000+ unique projects in diverse technology areas for a diverse customer set
  5. In-house analysts annually spend at least 5,000 hours each in 47 unique industrial domain, and at least 10,000 hours each in 28 industry domains
  6. Global front offices in USA, Netherlands, Japan, China, India and Canada
  7. Complaint to all major global compliances including GDPR, Information Security (ISMS), ISO and others
Our expertise
Technology Landscaping:
Helps to understand the development of technology, competitors, and markets. Helps identification of key players and trends in niche technology domains which helps in technology acquisition, partnering etc.
Technology Scouting:
Helps identify best-fit solutions to your technical problems. It discovers innovative technologies (and their owners) that complement your business needs to keep up with disruptive technologies and stay ahead of the competition.
New Application Scouting:
Helps identification of new application areas for technologies owned. It strengthens and boosts innovation, R&D strategy, patent portfolios and enables you to create market expansion strategies for your existing technology portfolio.
Tech Evaluation Report (TER):
Helps in benchmarking a new technology for competitiveness and profitability. It allows you to determine the strength, weakness, threat, and opportunities and steers you further for the next steps.
Technology Valuation:
Helps to determine the monetary value of a patent/technology which in turn impacts your R&D efforts, bolsters your intellectual property rights and enhances revenue, stock performance, and reputation.
Countries where we can support you
  • Globally
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Sagacious IP is a one of the largest IP solutions providers globally, helping organizations monetize, defend, and expand their IP portfolios. Sagacious IP is helping participants in the IP ecosystem through innovative solutions and services since 2008. Annually, Sagacious IP serves more than +2,000 clients from over 60 countries with more than 12,500 projects in over 16 languages.

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Our Technical Experts
Tech Expert

Faiz Wahid

Regional Head - Europe

Expertise in IP solutions at Sagacious Research

Tech Expert

Rajat Gulati

Business Unit Head - Engineering Team

Expertise in IP solutions at Sagacious Research