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Innovative Integrity Assessment methods (new RBI). Unique fully probabilistic remant life predictions for corrosion and cracking damage. Born from a 20 years experience in asset integrity. Small business in Australian oil & gas since 2016. For cost and safety control.

Although our concept may sound too specific at a glance, it is in fact Universal and applicable to many industries for a truly new quality of risk management:

  • Problem: Current engineering practices typically avoid probability analysis, as it seems to be too cumbersome, expensive or generic.
  • Implications: Failure risk estimates traditionally made from ‘remnant life’ constant figures, thus the risk figures remain relative and qualitative, and don’t really support your decisions.
  • Solution: Our R&D results are building blocks for Probability of Failure (PoF) predictions versus Time in your context, to seamlessly plot specific cost/benefit/safety curves versus Time.

This concept was applied to stress design, material selection, corrosion damage, fatigue life, crack propagation, damage tolerance, NDT planning and safety exposure studies made cost-wise.

Our IP is unique: it was born as we learned. It goes beyond contemporary engineering standards and practices. This is also a ‘glue’ for all the pieces of the asset management options mosaic.  

Our expertise
Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII):
Planning services, including unique methods for a new level of quality in budget allocation and risk control. We were involved in a range of RBI planning projects in Australian oil and gas industry.
Multi-user Integrity Data Management System (IDMS):
From our exposure to commercial RBI software, we created a different IDMS, which enables integrity data exchange, analysis, reporting and storage.
Design stage analysis for equipment life prediction and design optimization:
We were involved in structural stress analysis across industries and countries (transportation, aircraft, oil and gas, mining). Our solution is performing custom design verication using relevant load spectra and FEA.
Fitness For Service (FFS) assessments:
We are capable of conducting many cases of FFS analysis probabilistically, to provide the probability of failure versus time figures, supplemented by cost and safety analysis. This is more cost effective as the risk level decisions become transparent.
Countries where we can support you
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Asset Integrity R&D and innovation. Unique probabilistic methods for plant design choices, operational integrity control, clear safety compliance and asset management. Small business consultancy accessible worldwide via our web portal. Oil & gas and more.

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