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Precise BPO Solution is a low-cost annotation service provider for machine learning and artificial intelligence companies seeking high-quality training data for diverse businesses.

We have the right set of tools and expertise to annotate your data adapting to your use cases. We classify data such as images, video, text, audio, and social media posts and comments. We label an unlimited number of classes in your metadata attribution process.

Our expertise
Bounding Box:
Imaginary boxes drawn on an image, shape, or text. The contents of the box are then labeled to help a model recognize it as a distinct type of object.
Polygon Annotation:
Used to detect the exact shape of object by drawing pixel perfect polygons.
Semantic Segmentation:
Used to build pixel-perfect semantic segmentation tasks at scale.
Landmark annotation:
Used to mark the gestures and humans movement trajectory with each point in motion making machines to recognize human faces or poses.
3D Cuboid Annotation:
Generally used to build ground truth datasets for 3D perception from 2D images and videos.
Text Annotation:
Helps machines to recognize the crucial words in sentence making it more meaningful.
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Precise BPO Solution offers Training Data For Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Autonomous Vehicle, Research Labs and Robotics Companies. We help AI companies to generate human-labeled high-quality training data, accurately tagged by our expert annotators for their computer vision models at scale.

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Our Technical Experts
Tech Expert

Nanhe Gujral

Co Founder

Expertise in Computer Vision and Imaging at Precise BPO Solution