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Over 40 years in the international Oil and Gas Industry covering senior management and technical roles, over the past 6 years have provided independent support to M&A, Private Equity or Trade investment, and strategic support to new/emerging technologies.  Scope of support covers:

  • Market and technology evaluations
  • Business/technology mapping and planning
  • Technical and Commercial diligence
  • Strategic review/advisory

Having a clear view of target, addressable markets, based on available market data, is a prerequisite to the development of plans for new services or technologies, which require to be aligned with local/regional client drivers.  All too often, great ideas fail as a result of inadequate understanding of target markets or insufficient planning around the route to market.  Experienced, independent reviews can provide the insight required to effectively focus technology development and target markets.

Our expertise
New technology development:
Evaluation of new and existing technologies and services on behalf of investors or aquirers.
Support for market deployment:
Strategic business evaluation based on provision of technology and related services.
Business development:
Strategic advisory support covering technology assessment, development, market entry and deployment.
Oil and Gas upstream markets:
Adjacent experience covers midstream, downstream, mining and wider energy technology projects.
Technology Assessments:
Independent evaluation new technologies
Market Evaluations:
Market evaluations for new/emerging technologies or services.
Commercial Diligence:
Preparation for merger/acquisition, investment
Strategic Advisory:
Strategic support for development of businesses
Countries where we can support you
  • Globally
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About Petraxis

Provision of Technical and Commercial Due Diligence, Merger and Aquisition support, Strategic Advisory support

Technical and Commercial Diligence is the evaluation of technology and/or companies for the purpose of acquisition or investment and covers all aspects of the target company's business and operations.  The understanding associated with such exercises also lends itself to the preparation leading to potential sale or investment. 

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Our Technical Experts
Tech Expert

George Maitland

Managing Partner

Expertise in Oil and Gas Upstream Markets at Petraxis

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