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Mature Gas Well Consultancy can help you review and trouble-shoot gas well performance (liquid loading, impairment, halite scaling, sand production, water production, condensate and water banking).
We can quantify gas well performance threats and opportunities (loss/gain of capacity/reserves).
We will also help you specify and design gas well performance solutions (deliquification, acid stimulation, hydraulic fracturing, cleanout, fresh water treatment, water shut-off).
We can support you with determining and organizing gas well and reservoir parameters (collect and track well and reservoir parameters).
Furthermore, we can provide software solutions and training (all related to gas well performance).

Our expertise
Gas well performance:
Evaluate whether well performance is stable, improves or degrades | Identify reason for change | Select, design and implement remediation | Establish universal well and reservoir parameters | Generate production forecast to justify remediation.
Gas well deliquification:
Predict and identify liquid loading | Select, design, implement and evaluate deliquification measures such as surface compression, velocity string, foam-assisted lift, gas lift, downhole pump, automated intermittent production, plunger lift.
Gas well halite scaling:
Predict and identify halite scaling | Select, design, implement and evaluate fresh water mitigation measures such as continuous injection, periodic bullheading, cleanout.
Gas well testing:
Design and monitor gas well test results | Derive well parameters and diagnose cleanup | Interpret multi-zone production logging data | Derive multi-zone inflow performance.
Countries where we can support you
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Technical consultancy and training to manage and maximize the performance of existing gas wells.

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Kees Veeken

Mature Gas Well Consultant

Expertise in troubleshooting gas well performance at Mature Gas Well Consultancy