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H2arvester VOF is a partnership for research, product development and realisation of movable and autonomous systems of solar panels for the generation of solar energy.

Selected Dutch (and preferably local) agricultural mechanisation companies are engaged for the production, installation and maintenance of the mobile solar systems.
For the realisation of the electrical systems, hydrogen production and storage systems, we collaborate with system suppliers and market leaders in these industries.

Our expertise
Harvesting hydrogen on agricultural land while maintaining agricultural production:
Because the solar panels are mobile, H2arvester can be seen as an ‘extra crop’ in the rotary cultivation of arable farmers and tulip bulb growers. Maximum land occupation of 10% per hectare.
Generating sustainable energy on agricultural land and converting it into hydrogen on the farm:
The yield from the solar panels can be processed at the farms into green hydrogen (H2) and stored, in order to balance the production ánd use of the generated energy (hydrogen and heat), without increasing the electricity grid.
Circular energy and economy in the agricultural sector:
H2arvester is a circular energy model for a local and/or regional economy: local-for-local & scale-by-scale. Regional employment is leading and is in line with the concept of the “Short chain”.
Countries where we can support you
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
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H2arvester is a circular energy system for the local generation and use of sustainable energy, through the use of abundant agricultural land without loss of crop production. 

H2arvester VOF was founded by L'orèl Consultancy BV from Groningen and npk design BV from Leiden. L'orèl Consultancy, npk design and LTO Noord are the inventors of the H2arvester system and have all the qualifications for energy research, technical development, facilitating pilots and outsourcing the production.

H2arvester won the RVO competition 'Solar power in agricultural areas' at the end of 2017.

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Our Technical Experts
Tech Expert

Marcel Vroom

Managing Partner

Expertise in Harvesting Hydrogen on Agricultural Land at H2ARVESTER

Tech Expert

Rob Jacobs

Energy specialist

Expertise in Generating Sustainable Energy on Agricultural Land at H2ARVESTER