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Flow Ahead

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Providing solutions for the fit for purpose management of flow assurance risks, resulting in solutions that strike a balance between risk minimization, production, and cost optimization. 

Carbon capture and storage CCSU: Flow Ahead can help identify knowledge gaps and areas where experimental data and/or simulations might be required during design and operations. The simulation work can then be executed.

Our expertise
Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage:
We can identify areas where experimental data might be necessary and then model the system to determine optimized pressure and temperature envelopes and required safety margins.
Wax and Asphaltene Studies:
We can offer a detailed analysis of asphaltenes and wax risks, including required laboratory measurements, management of laboratory work and simulations.
Feasibility and Concept studies flow assurance Feasibility and Concept Selection:
We can help you assess the inherent risks of the system and provide a first range of solutions for each field development option.
During FEED phase, we can help you refine operational procedures and the required system characteristics to manage FA risks.
Countries where we can support you
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands

About Flow Ahead

We aim to assist clients with a range of focused solutions, such as project reviews, indication of laboratory analysis required to assess solid risks, assistance to determine the suitability of the scope of work proposed by a third party, or in the delivery of a longer term relationship through a full flow assurance field assessment.

We are able to deliver flow assurance training at the clients chosen location and tailor courses for each specific need.

Our Technical Experts
Flow Ahead Ltd

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