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Our online training platform empowers engineering professionals, their employers & trainers to optimize skill development for engineering staff. Through collaborations with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), EngineeringTrainer creates an innovative knowledge platform that meets the training needs of engineers, and the companies they work for, worldwide. With thousands of individual engineers and a multitude of enterprises using our platform we are able to provide a modern learning experience including a broad portfolio of relevant training products, manager and enterprise accounts for data-tracking, course allocation and managing skills within teams. Course formats are virtual, self-paced and In-Company. As part of this, we collaborate with SMEs and provide production support and guidance to realize high-quality, digital training products.

Our expertise
Production & marketing of online training content for engineering professionals.:
Our online training platform focusses on the realization of high-quality, scalable training products that meet the expectations of a new generation of engineers.
Pipe Stress Analysis & Piping design:
A strong training portfolio for engineers working with industrial piping systems.
Mechanical (Static & Rotating):
Course topics include: "Designing according to the ASME BPVC VIII-1 design code", "Working with Design-by-Analysis according to the ASME BPVC VIII-2 design code", "EN 13445"
Process Engineering:
Course topics include: "Gas conditioning and processing", "De-Oiling: Oil Removal from Water", "Gas Turbine Operation"
Structural/Civil Engineering:
Course topics include: "Offshore Structures: Design, construction and maintenance", "Design of Concrete and Steel Structures"
Course topics include: "LNG Plants: mastering the chemical process", "Gas Dehydration and Molecular Sieves"
Finite Element Analysis (FEA):
Course topics include: "Finite Element Analysis Essentials", "NozzlePRO Essentials", "FEPipe Essentials"
Maintenance & Integrity:
Course topics include: "Piping Integrity", "API 510 - Pressure Vessel Inspection", "API 570 - Piping Inspector", "API 577 - Welding Inspection and Metallurgy", "API 580 - Risk Based Inspection", "API 653 - Tank Inspection, Repair & reconstruction"
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EngineeringTrainer was founded in 2018 because a gap was determined between digital teaching methods utilized in universities and other professional areas (such as Finance, IT, etc) versus Engineering sectors. It was concluded that the digitization of training and the utilization of modern learning formats was lagging with respect to the user expectations of young engineers who are eager to learn and grow their careers. 

Simultaneously it was clear that many engineering companies in various sectors are challenged by a high outflux of experienced personnel and recruitment challenges due to competing career paths. Based on these findings a group of seasoned engineering experts founded  

Ever since numerous companies and their engineering teams have benefited from our modern approach to online learning and have been able to provide highly technical courses to their future specialists.

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