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BEAD Environmental Solutions provides a range of technical and business services for four different business segments in the Global Energy Industry.  The four business segments we work with are Energy Companies, Environmental Technology Companies, Rig Contractors & Service Companies. 

Our expertise
Waste Management Strategy Planning:
Expert advice & support on planning your waste management strategy helping reduce fluids & waste management costs.
Waste Management Performance Benchmarking & Improvement:
Support for tracking & optimising your projects environmental performance and reducing associated costs.
Technology Sourcing & Procurement - Specialised Support:
Sourcing the best technology & cost effective solutions for ensuring QHSE compliance
Rig Audits:
Support to ensure rig equipment & processes meet your projects drilling and environmental goals.
Solids Control & Waste Management System Design, Evaluation & Optimisation:
Independent expert advice on the design & management of fluids & waste management processing equipment.
Rig Site Supervision:
Provision of trained and competent personnel for your project
Solids Control & Waste Management Training:
Expert training in all areas of solids control & waste management
Technology Assessments & Trials:
Technical support on assessing and deploying new environmental technologies
Project Management:
Experienced Project Managers to ensure your waste management strategy and remediation projects are implemented according to plan
Carbon Footprint Reduction & Performance Benchmarking:
Expert advice & support helping you reduce carbon emissions at the work site
Countries where we can support you
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • South America
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BEAD Environmental Solutions is an environmental consultancy with over 100 combined years of experience providing technical and business expertise for the global energy industry.   We are focused on helping our clients meet the challenges of the energy transition, by providing solutions to their most challenging waste and environmental problems.  In addition, we support innovative technology companies by bringing new environmental technologies to the market.  Based in the UK, the company has a market presence in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Our Technical Experts
Tech Expert

Barry Simpson


Expertise in Carbon Footprint Reduction at Bead Environmental Solutions

Tech Expert

Edgardo Hernandez


Expertise in Rig Audits at Bead Environmental Solutions