Decarbonise your business, reduce cost & improve safety

Find & Select the right Technologies

  • An intuitive platform that gives you easy access to the right solutions
  • Driven by data insights
  • No need to travel to exhibitions
  • No costly management consultants
  • Saving time, money and reducing CO2 emissions

Identify solutions for specific challenges

  • Share your challenges publicly or anonymously
  • Receive proposed solutions from within the energy industry as well as other industries
  • Powered by our large global community of solution providers and subject matter expert
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Identify quick wins for your company

  • Advanced filters that help you to quickly get an overview of technologies by TRL level, business impact or deployed by a specific company
  • The information about the deployments is delivered and kept up-to-date by the suppliers, on the basis that they have the permission to share such information

Powerful input for your technology plan

  • Our Insights Navigator provides you with powerful data and insights that help you to replicate what other companies are deploying in specific areas
  • Use this data to efficiently build your technology plan
  • The tool is fully interactive and it will give you a shortlist of technologies
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We offer subscriptions to meet your needs and team size


We are independent

We are not being paid on commission basis by suppliers. The reason is simple: we want to keep an independent position. 

If there is any interest in a specific technology,  the initial contact can be established via the platform. We can facilitate where needed.

Any contract negotiations would follow the normal procurement process of your company.  We are not part of a contractual arrangement between you and the technology supplier.

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