A Customised Version for Your Company?

custom platform Technology Catalogue

We offer customisable portals with a full suite of technologies that empower you to foster innovation within your company or across your country, as well as, support export and trade from your country.

The platforms can be developed cost-effectively because they make use of the same ‘engine’ as TechnologyCatalogue.com.

The moment a technology is on the customised platforms, it is also automatically included on TechnologyCatalogue.com, this way creating extra visibility.

The customised versions are located on the same secure server as TechnologyCatalogue.com and can be linked via own intranet or accessed directly.


A customised, ring-fenced platform for your company

In addition to the functionality of TechnologyCatalogue.com that any user will have access to for free, we can offer additional functionality: your own ring-fenced, customised area within the TechnologyCatalogue.com infrastructure.


Ringfenced platform
Benefits of a customised platform for your company
  • Such an area will save you time and money. It will avoid the need for creating and maintaining your own technology catalogue overview; suppliers create and maintain the technology page, and they have a clear incentive to keep the information up to date. 

  • Also, by having access to external reviews and deployment references, it can help in the selection and decision process. After all, the experiences from others can give the confidence to replicate the technology within your own company.

  • The external views can be combined with internal reviews, only visible for people within the company. 

  • Your own internally developed technologies can be added to the overview, again only visible to your own people. This way, having internal and external technologies all in one place.

There are many other options to expand the functionality to further streamline the delivery of your technology in your company.


A customised version for your country

We deliver platforms that support the uptake of technology & innovation within the country. An example that is already online is the platform for Australia and the soon-to-be-launched platform for the UK.

The platforms can also be used to promote trade. For example, the work done in support of Dutch governmental organisations to promote Dutch technologies abroad. This way, it is a great alternative to trade missions and other conventional, costly ways of doing business. 

Australia's technologycatalogue.com
Benefits of a customised platform for your country
  • Technologies are grouped in line with the priority areas of your country, such that it is easier for end-users to choose.

  • Expertise of local consultants can be highlighted through this platform, particularly expertise to get specific technologies deployed.

  • The country platform can be used in support of exhibitions and conferences taking place in the country.

  • Opportunity to create extra visibility for suppliers from your country for trade promotion


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