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Achieving your business objectives requires knowledge, experience, and foresight.  It is important that you make the right decisions to confidently take your business into the future. 

We offer a full range of consultancy services that cover all facets of technology management, including strategy, technology deployment, and operations. 

Technology Development & Deployment Process

We can support you with all aspects related to setting up or streamlining your Technology Development & Deployment Process, building on our vast experience with leading technology development and deployment activities in a very large Energy company.


Technology Plan

We can advise operators about applicable technologies, based on challenges/opportunities, and based on what has been done by other operators in analogue assets/projects.

The outcome is a set of 10 impactful technologies, plus specific actions to make the technology deployment happen. We can e.g. advise on specific technologies that will deliver short-term cash in the current challenging business environment as a result of the low oil price & COVID-19.

The deliverable is a technology plan of 20-30 pages.

To illustrate: we recently supported an operator (production of ~70 kboe/d) with identifying quick technology wins, focussing on technologies successfully used by others in analogue assets in the same region. Estimated NPV of the identified opportunities: US$50-100 million. This is a rough estimate at this stage (but in line with typical gains we have seen in other assets), and we will now support the operator with taking the next steps.



Technology Deployment Health Check

We assess the current effectiveness of technology deployment in your organisation using our health check tool.

The input for the tool is generated through 10-30 structured interviews, with a number of interviews dependent on the size and complexity of your organisation.

Based on the outcome, specific recommendations are given to increase the effectiveness of the technology deployment delivery. 


Tech Positioning Programme

Over the years we have learned what makes that technology gets deployed and how to best position the technology. We have captured our experience – based on >600 deployments – in the Tech Positioning Programme.

This programme of max. 4 hours is delivered through a dialogue around ~30 specific questions. It helps you to identify strengths and opportunities to improve the overall offering to make it as attractive as possible to the broadest appropriate customer base, and to increase the chances that a conventional practice is replaced by your technology.

The Tech Positioning Programme is available to suppliers as part of the Technology Catalogue subscription. It is also discussed in detail during our workshops.

Technology Portfolio Analysis

We can support operators with an assessment of their current technology portfolio. 

We can also advise on technologies that are available in the marketplace that would be good substitutes or additions to the portfolio, based on our market intelligence. 

This would e.g. include technologies that would be ‘quick wins’, based on deployments in analogue assets/projects.

Hands-on Technology Deployment support

We can support you with all the practical steps to make technology deployment happen and deliver value to your company.

Dependent on the technology: we can either support you directly, or connect you to one of our consultancy partners.

Monthly Technology Update

Based on your specific (shared) business needs, we will send you a monthly e-mail highlighting technology additions to TechnologyCatalogue.com that can address your needs. Your business needs will not be disclosed to any other party.

The e-mail will be in a format such that it can easily be shared with people within your organisation. The newsletter will particularly highlight which other operators have already used a technology, to the extent that this information can be disclosed; if not, it will be stated as “successfully used by other Operator”. Contact our team to learn more!


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