Well Process Safety Immersive Training

Company: PDO
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The oil and gas industry involves complex processes, and ensuring well process safety is crucial to prevent accidents and maintain operational integrity. Traditional training methods may not capture the intricacies and potential risks associated with well processes effectively. Utilizing latest gamification technologies can enhance the training experience, providing a realistic and interactive learning environment for staff on oil land rigs.
PDO Well Process Safety 10 non-negotiables showcase the 10 most important pillars to be followed in order to avoid in Well Process Safety breach.

PDO Well Process Safety 10 non-negotiables are:
1- Trained People
2- two barrier Envelopes at all time
3- Report & Report lost Barrier
4- Well control Equipment
5- Emergency Response 
6- Walk the Line
7- Standards and Procedures
8- Subsurface uncertainties 
9- Risk Assess
10- Report & Learn

Key Requirement 

- Detailed experience of PDO Well Process Safety 10 non negotiables  
- Gamification experience
-  Interactive experience
- learning while playing experience

Location where the technology is required
Deadline: 07/04/2025
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