Methane venting reduction in well engineering operations

Company: PDO
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(Challenge Description )

Methane, the primary component of natural gas is a powerful greenhouse gas with Global Warming potential more than 80 times greater than CO2 during the 20 years after it is released into the atmosphere. PDO joined OGMP 2.0 in June 2021, committing to maintain Gold Standard in reporting and mitigation of Methane emissions. In Well Intervention we have mapped our operations and developed emissions estimates based on engineering assumptions and calculations (due to high volume of operations). Our challenge is to identify ways (procedure and/or technologies) that can help reduce or eliminate Methane Venting in Well engineering operation to Near Zero in a sustainable manner

CURRENT CONDITIONS (Current Practice)  

  • Gas from well interventions is either directed to production lines or flared. However smaller volumes of gas in some operations have no alternative but gas venting.
  • Venting source is mainly from fixed volumes from lubricators / well heads / lines / annulus investigations / oil storage tanks where no flare is available.
  • Highest venting comes mainly from inflow test of deep-set plugs / packers / Subsurface Valves / Well Testing Rig Down ops in gas wells


  • Carry out a study and provide ways by technologies that can help reduce or eliminate Methane Venting in the identified Well engineering Operations to Near Zero in a sustainable manner.

Scope: Venting solutions for following operations:

  • Inflow test of plugs / packers / TRSSV in gas wells
  • Venting from Inflow test during Well Integrity Test activities
  • Venting while Running in hole during snubbing operations in gas wells
  • Venting from annulus investigations
  • Venting from Oil storage Tanks
  • Highest contribution from sweet wells but looking for options in sour wells as well
Location where the technology is required
Deadline: 01/30/2025