Methanation unit for biomass gasifier

Company: TKI Nieuw Gas
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TKI Nieuw Gas
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TKI Nieuw Gas is a typical network organization with stakeholders from the industrial sector, the manufacturing industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, knowledge institutions such as universities, colleges, and research institutes, foundations and collaborations, and governments. We try to accelerate the energy transition by supporting the development of innovative technologies.

The Netherlands are very ambitious when it comes to the production of green gas (biomethane with 10% CO2). The government aims for the Netherlands to produce 2 BCM in 2030 whereas current production levels are around 0,4 BCM. A lot of the remaining volume has to come from the gasification of biogenic feedstock, predominantly woody biomass, followed by methanation.

We are looking for a chemical methanation technology that is able to handle the gas produced by woody biomass gasifiers. The technology should be proven up to TRL8 and/or should be able to produce for at least 7.500 hours per year. The scale we are interested in is around 1 MWth. Please specify the needed syngas quality in order to guarantee the working of methanation reactor.

Location where the technology is required
Deadline: 09/30/2024
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