Improve hard rock drilling performance

Company: PDO
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Challenge Description

Hard Rock drilling is one the main challenging activities in PDO specially in Deep Gas & Oil Wells. 30 – 50% of well duration is consumed in drilling the Hard Rock section. The Hard Rock formation strengths are ranging between 15 – 40 KSI. The time spent to drill Hard Rock section in those kind of wells varies from 20 to 40 days and the number of bit runs could reach up to 10 runs depending on formation type & lithology.

CURRENT CONDITIONS (Current Practice)  

  • •Hard rock challenges is tackled through Hard rock drilling project through well basis bit selection .
  • •Bit selections is based on vendors proposal and technical evaluation conducted  by P&D and Operation team . Non-sustainable performance in same field.
  • •Hard Rock drilling related new opportunities and technologies are taking too long to be available (Contracting)
  • •Downhole tool enhancement is not addressed adequately  for other factors impacting ROP improvement .


  • •Achieve sustainable improvement  ( reduction in Time / Cost ) of drilling Hard Rock sections by embedding right practices, opportunities & New Technologies.
  • •Address proper technical solution to overcome downhole operational drilling challenges related to BHA design .  i.e  vibration , stick &slip ,  whirl …etc . (hinder ROP improvement and expedite drilling string failure ).
Location where the technology is required
Deadline: 12/15/2024