Condensate banking prevention in gas wells

Company: PDO
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About 25 gas wells are suffering from condensate banking due to operating wells above the dew point, but the bottom-hole pressure in the wellbore is below the dew point. This causes condensate to form around and near the wellbore, causing a bank or ring of condensate.

The Fakhar Field is known to have condensate banking issues. At this stage only 4 out 11 wells are producing.  

The team already tried some Technology to overcome these challenges, but the sustainability of the improvement in production was short  (less than 3 months). Currently we are looking for improving the sustainability of the gain to be for a long period and finding a solution to prevent condensate from continuing to accumulate in the matrix. 

Also our team is looking for pumping the solvent from surface, rather than utilising coiled tubing (CTU), yielding the same result & saving the CTU cost. 

Location where the technology is required
Deadline: 06/28/2024