Chemical cleaning of ARDS reactor internals after Catalyst Change Out (CCO)

Company: KIPIC
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Our Atmospheric residue desulfurisation (ARDS) unit processes heavy Residue (AR) to produce Low Sulphur Fuel Oil. The run length for the ARDS train is 12 months after which the train needs to be brought to shutdown for Catalyst Change Out (CCO).


As a result of processing such heavy feeds, reactors internals are contaminated with heavy/sticky hydrocarbon components. This was observed when the reactors were opened for CCO. 


The process of cleaning the internals with DM water observed to be difficult and time consuming.


Hence, we propose to explore the possibility of using chemicals to clean the internals to reduce the turnaround duration as well as increasing cleaning efficiency.


Moreover, after cleaning, the chemical/water residual will be disposed to COC (using vacuum trucks) or AOC system. 


We look forward to receive your technology solutions or expert advice.


Location where the technology is required
Deadline: 07/01/2024