Drones for tall-structure inspection

Sky Survey uses various Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) of professional quality, aviation certified, with obstacle avoidance sensors and automatic return to home function coupled with GPS.  These systems can carry differing sensors like high resolution photo cameras, 4k video and Infrared sensors to produce insight into the status of material by presenting the data in a structured and useful, yet simple manner to the client.

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Aerial Inspection & Survey Services

Cyberhawk uses drones, also know as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, to capture visual inspection data that allows the end user to make informed decisions on the condition of their asset.

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Drones for visual inspection of tanks, vessels and structures

RIMS uses Remote Inspection Techniques (Drones) for:

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Drone data acquisition and processing

DroneQuest transforms aerial mapping data into accurate 2D maps and 3D point clouds. Raw RedGreenBlue or InfraRed imagery is seamlessly stitched together to create an orthographic that is ready for analysis. Our machine learning algorithm transforms drone data into meaningful insights.

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