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Operational Excellence & Reliability with AI 

The potential emergence of shale oil presents major strategic opportunities and challenges for the oil and gas industry worldwide. According to Deloitte, the industry’s engineering and completion intensity is at a record high, with shale operators’ completion intensity increasing by 65% since 2010.

However, certain labour-intensive aspects like flow back process inhibits maximizing the output of the producers. Compromised data analysis of the deployed field assets leads to daily production losses of up to hundreds of bbl/day. Typically, it requires constant manual intervention, with critical data captured from multiple equipment, plugged into various data collection systems. 

With the onset of digitalisation, Flutura’s advanced analytics features optimise the operations using predictive analytics, computational intelligence, real-time asset monitoring to remove inefficiencies in processes and improve asset reliability. Cerebra, Flutura’s AI-IIoT platform, empowers the operators and engineers with data-driven insights that are powered by domain knowledge and data science expertise. The integration of data from sensor networks, equipment and operational sources generates actionable insights to drive better  well Completion and Production, Performance Optimization by improving uptime of facilities, reducing process deviations and carbon emissions. Cerebra’s proven technology aids in improving asset uptime, operational efficiency, and safety leading to an optimized production equipment and reducing cost per barrel generating revenue in $100s of millions.


Doubling the Bundle of Joy: Integrating Equipment with Digital Technology

Flutura has enabled the equipment manufacturers with new revenue streams through value added services that integrate the equipment and technological services. One such leading US-based multi-million-dollar upstream equipment manufacturer company known for its surface technology and services uses Cerebra for bundling of their equipment and advanced technology services. The company largely engages in the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of technologically sophisticated systems and products for the oil and gas industry.

Cerebra’s technologically advanced solutions aided their interest in service integration and digitalization capabilities. The company then clubbed their design and manufacturing expertise with Cerebra’s advanced analytics for real-time notification of anomaly detection, failure prediction, remote operations, and securely rolled out solutions to end customers.

Cerebra gives both the end customer (operators) and equipment manufacturers access to real-time job performance information, operational effectiveness, operations and equipment simulation, occupational safety, and early warnings on impending risks. The sole purpose is to assure the equipment manufacturer and end operator an improved equipment performance, equipment reliability and better operational performance.

Cerebra Digital Twin has already onboarded various categories of equipment and operations to leverage advanced analytics for separators, desanders, pumps, valves, multi-phase meters, flow meters, vapor recovery units, tanks, and terminals. 


Stabilize Flowback operations in Early Production System

An end user of this equipment manufacturer needed real time visibility into the health of the Early Production System (EPS). There were too many signals to process and human eyes regularly missed anomalies leading to performance degradation. The company observed a decrease in production of shale gas and project profitability due to missing details in sensor intelligence and equipment diagnostics.

Cerebra’s Digital Twin was configured for multiple subsystems of EPS and went live in two weeks. With Cerebra’s advanced diagnostics module, the customer experienced a huge reduction in latency associated with detection of performance deviations and unplanned downtime. With the additional time to react and plan for the deviations, operators were able to increase uptime for the equipment. The sensors streamed more than 1,000 different data points in near real time into an Industrial AI platform, Cerebra, to drive real-time notification about the impending failures or prevalent anomalies in the equipment/operation. Additionally, Cerebra’s early and accurate notifications of performance deviation helped the team to avoid any potential safety risks associated with the equipment. Ultimately, the utilization of Cerebra provided a considerable reduction in downtime over a 12-month period and enabled the company to introduce an Asset-as-a-Service offering for their customers.


Real-time Dashboard: Shows equipment(frac-pump) health, performance, usage stat, and critical alerts


Business outcomes for End Operator

Cerebra packaged the holistic solution by incorporating physics (first principle), machine learning, and heuristics in the real-time AI models. 

  • 50-70% reduction in latency to detect performance deviations
  • 10-20% reduction in Non-Productive Time over 12 months’ time
  • Cerebra was configured and implemented in just 2 weeks

Cerebra is designed to drive efficiencies, making products smart and practical for their customers in the new digital era, combining the deep domain understanding and a scalable technical foundation hosted on an infinitely scalable infrastructure.