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Extending Offshore Asset Life
with Akselos Digital Guardian Technology_oil_gas_Digitalization_Operation_Asset_Maintenance_Condition_Based_twins_predictive_digital_twin_Akselos_tower 

Using the Akselos predictive Digital Twin technology, new insights were obtained on a large production facility in the UK Sector of the North Sea, unlocking additional structural life of some 15+ years. In addition, the operator was able to take a holistic view of the asset to evaluate alternative engineering concepts for Field Life extension in near real time; and allow a new assessment of the Inspection Repair and Maintenance regime and evaluate a more accurate and cost-efficient maintenance platform assets.



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H2O_Biofouling_Services_Barnacles_UNIPERBiofouling Control Solutions at UNIPER Maasvlakte Power Plants

The site-specific biocide dosing solution, 'Ecodosing', targets biofouling in once-through and open recirculation cooling water systems and prevents both macrofouling (shells) and microfouling (biofilms).
H2O Biofouling Solutions offered UNIPER a biofouling control service package to guarantee an effective dosing regime by providing the operators a tool to achieve real time insight into the efficiency of the applied dosing regime.
It has proven to be highly effective in this location for the last 19 years.



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Working behind leaking valves:  Double Block and Bleed Saver_Case_study_technology
dilemma between safety and operational targets 

When maintenance is planned on a part of the installation while the remaining plant remains pressurized and operational, the equipment in question must be safely isolated from the rest of the plant. With the Double Block and Bleed - Saver, a unique solution, safe maintenance can be carried out while keeping the plant running.


Source: Valve World Magazine

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C-Claw_Permanent_heavy_duty_fastener_for_outfitting The permanent heavy-duty fastener for outfitting

Offshore Oil and Gas operations require regular works on outfitting, like modifications of cable trays, pipe supports, skids, ladders, handrails, etc.
While such jobs would be easy through standard hot work techniques in most industries, the typical Offshore Platform explosive environment raises challenges in terms of safety and production.
Cold Pad developed a permanent heavy-duty bonded fastener with a process-controlled installation that is non-intrusive, durable safe, and reliable: C-Claw.



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Smart Condition Monitoring ArcelorMittal
SAM4 detects 100% of failures up to 4 months in advanceSAM_4_Display_Case_study_technology

ArcelorMittal has had a digital focus for a number of years, benefiting customers in particular.
ArcelorMittal is making major investments, not only in terms of resources but also in time and in management attention, to remain at the forefront of digitalisation in the steel industry.
The online dashboard offers actionable information about the health, performance and energy consumption of connected assets - allowing ArcelorMittal to schedule maintenance at the optimal time.



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Technology_oil_gas_Safety_increasing_cost_reducing_LOBO_systems_advanced_platform_personal_modular_pipe LOBO Energy - Valero Energy Oil Refinery

For the last 30 years this been provided by an outsourced scaffolding company, and with rising labour costs continues to account for an ever-increasing expense year on year for Valero.
The LOBO System can be assembled without the use of any tools in minutes, safely and to any shape or size and is not reliant on the scaffolding company to return and
remove the systems after the maintenance task has been completed, which can increase hire costs.




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Track'em - Ichthys Case Study
Materials no longer an excuse for project delaysTrackem_Display_Case_Study

Track'em provides a system to track assets, materials, equipment and workforce.
This case study provides insights into the challenges regarding tracking at the Inpex Ichthys Project in Western Australia. 




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