Building Your Deployment Partner Page


Build an effective Deployment Partner page that encourages users to employ your expertise!

Step 1

Go to and sign in to your account to access your toolbox.

Step 2

Select “My Tech Expert Page” and click “Edit Tech Expert”.

Step 3

Add your company description and supported technologies:

  • Title: The title must not exceed 30 characters.
  • Company Description: Make sure you include the appropriate keywords in your company description. This can increase the chances of you getting found easily on the platform and on Google search results.
  • Supported Technologies: Add here the technologies on the platform that you can support with deployment. This way, end-users interested in these technologies will see you as a potential expert to help them with their deployment activities.

Step 4

Fill out countries/regions where you can offer your support:

Here you can choose the countries where you want to be promoted in. This means that you have a good knowledge of and/or experience in these geographic areas and  can support deployment activities.


Step 5

List your expertise type and value

Step 6

Click “Submit for Publication” or "Save".

If you intend to make further changes prior to publication, click "Save" to save your progress and continue editing later.

If you believe you have supplied all the sufficient information for your page, you can submit your page for review and publication. 


Note: Your tech page will be set as pending and revised by our support team. You will receive an email when your page is published.