Wind Energy Technologies in the Spotlight

Wind Energy Technologies in the Spotlight


Wind energy technologies, which harness energy from wind, are growing remarkably in previous years as a result of decreasing installation and operating costs. It plays a major role in the Energy Transition, especially that both installed capacity and usage are growing rapidly and remote, offshore wind farms are seen to offer tremendous potential for electricity generation.

In areas with high and regular winds, wind energy is an extremely efficient renewable energy source. From small-scale turbines to supersized offshore plants, technological developments and innovations relevant to wind energy are necessary to reach the full potential for wind power in our future electricity system, and make wind power even more cost effective.

Given its huge growth potential and critical role in the Energy Transition, this month’s spotlight is on Wind Energy Technologies. We have compiled a list featuring 9 innovative Wind Energy Technologies that include tools and hardware that either directly convert wind into energy or are key in doing so. Here you will find novel technologies that are in testing phase with key industry players as well as proven ones that have already been deployed in operational environments.

Technologies in the spotlight: Wind Energy Technologies


AWES-Airborne wind energy system | Bringing wind power to a higher level

Unlike conventional wind turbines, a Kitepower system does not require resource-intensive towers or heavy foundations and Is thus easy to transport and deploy. Low-cost design and can easily be upgraded with time.

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Freshwater Mill | Freshwater and electricity with one windmill

Wind-driven water desalination technology can be used for seawater, produced water, or brackish groundwater desalination. Hydraulic wind turbines with high conversion efficiency provides pressure for water desalination, and excess energy can be used for pumping the water, or for electricity generation.

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Air Edge | Reducing the impact of extreme weather conditions on wind turbines

Ogab ®’s innovative system works by utilising custom-designed air nozzles and pipes across the wind turbine blades to create a protective layer of air over the blade’s surfaces. Air Edge not only protects against erosion, it also helps to prolong the lifespan of the blades and reduce costly maintenance and downtime.

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WES Wind Energy Technology | Small and Mid-sized wind turbine projects and solutions

Designed in 1980, and developed for more than 35 years, WES wind energy technology is the best concept for blade pitch for mid sized wind turbines. With the result that the WES wind turbine suffers less wear and enjoys a longer life expectancy in the comparison with other turbines.

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Ventifoil | A solution for harnessing wind to save fuel in shipping

Econowind manufactures Ventifoil for the shipping industry. The Ventifoils enable ships fitted with them to save fuel by utilising the wind. Econowind offers three configurations of Ventifoil; Container, Flatrack and Retrofit.

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Balmoral FibreFlex™ | Patented offshore wind cable protection system

Unique offshore wind cable protection solution that is designed to provide maximum performance for life or field installations. The patented fibre-reinforced system mechanically locks to the end connectors removing the need to rely on PU bonding, which is notoriously unpredictable, while providing market-leading strain and stiffness levels that are unachievable using traditional solid PU manufacturing methods.

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EnergyPod | Clean alternative to diesel gensets

Transportable, autonomous energy container- The EnergyPod. The EnergyPod is a compact wind and solar-driven electrical generator that is durable, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

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MarineMatts| Carbon Negative Subsea Protection

Marinecrete Mattresses (Marinematts) are pre-cast eco-friendly low/negative CO2 concrete structures that protect man made subsea assets whilst enhancing the marine environment due to their cavities, pH and surface texture. Marinematts are designed to become the de facto standard for protecting cables, pipelines and monopiles due to their massive CO2 saving, the potential life cycle cost saving and nature inclusive design benefits.

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Sustainable Braking | Active cooling for wind turbine brake systems

The patented Ogab Susainable Braking system prevents critical wind turbine failures due to fires and significantly reduces maintenance costs and operational downtime. Its innovative active cooling technology prevents heat escalation in the braking system to increase safety levels and reliability whilst extending the lifespan of system components.

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