Time for alternative platform systems: Five reasons to ditch traditional scaffolding


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Time for alternative platform systems: Five reasons to ditch traditional scaffolding


Working at height and other hard to reach areas is common to a lot of industries, especially to oil refineries, gas plants, offshore facilities, construction sites, power plants, etc.  And in the past, scaffolds were the only option for workers who had to execute tasks at height or other areas with very limited access. These scaffolds have transformed enormously from work-intensive assembly of bamboo, wooden pallets and ropes to heavy-duty installations of boards and galvanised tubes and fittings. 

However, even these steel installations can be considered a thing of the past. There are gamechanger technologies that combine the flexibility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of tower systems. And below are five compelling reasons to move away from traditional scaffolding and choose alternative platform systems:



Traditional scaffolding system requires trained staff as they are oftentimes difficult to adjust, cumbersome and, to some extent, unhygienic. It is very labour intensive and requires cutting of tubes and wooden boards during assembly, thereby creating additional safety hazards to employees.

With alternative platform systems, there is no need for a scaffolder. The advanced guardrail system that is part of alternative platform systems such as LOBO’s certified training programme ensures far better safe practices than any other scaffolding or tower system. These systems are lightweight yet remarkably strong as they are made from steel. 

Companies can take control of costs and safety issues by up-skilling their own workforce to use alternative platform systems, reducing the number of people required on site. 

Assembly time

Alternative platform systems offer up to 10 times quicker assembly time than traditional scaffolding. With LOBO, this is due to the modular designed build up process and the unique clamping system. Their no-tools process is safer and much quicker.



Traditional scaffolding is heavy, cumbersome, difficult to assemble and very awkward to store. Most companies hire scaffolding long and short term which is high cost with very little benefits. They can be configured to any shape or size but is very costly, and cutting of tubes and wooden boards is time consuming.

Alternative platform systems can also be configured into any shape or size but since they are lightweight (yet strong!), there is no requirement for special tools or skills. Also, these systems are very easy to store, i.e. LOBO system has lockable and very secure Towerstores.


Loose heavy cumbersome scaffolding is generally transported to sites on a flatbed lorry. Then, it is unloaded and, with some difficulty, moved to the location required. Kit can be dropped, damaged or lost during the journey.

Alternative platform systems such as LOBO can be stored in a very safe, strong and secure Towerstore system. Every single item has its own storage space in the Towerstore. It has fork-lift points or can be wheeled into position. Also, a mobile trolley can be built from the LOBO kit then utilized to transport the rest of the platform to be built directly to the required site. 


Carbon footprint

By up-skilling your exiting staff to use alternative platform systems that are not labour-intensive, it reduces the number of people required on-site. This optimises labour and reduces carbon footprint.

To put numbers into, let’s say a company was hiring scaffolding four (4) times per month using four (4) men for each full day travelling 100 miles each time, you would save around 12mT of CO2e by using alternative platform systems such as LOBO. That’s the equivalent of planting 308 urban trees!   

With the above advantages, there is no doubt alternative platform systems are an easy choice when it comes to working at height. The above benefits can easily be experienced by industries such as Waste & Recycling, Transport, Shipping & Marine, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Aviation, Automotive, Mining, Hospitals & healthcare, and Energy, among others.

So, let me introduce you now to one of the best alternative platform systems available in the market: the LOBO Advanced Work Platform System.


Latest in Alternative Platform Systems: LOBO Advanced Work Platform System

The LOBO System is a simple to use work platform product that combines the versatility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of aluminium tower systems. 

LOBO can be assembled by anyone, quickly and safely, without the need for tools, which allows labour costs to be controlled & reduced. Its unique ability to increase productivity, whilst maintaining uncompromising safety standards, puts the LOBO System in a class of its own. 






Lower Costs: Reduce the need to call on outsourced scaffold companies. The unique multipurpose versatility and adjustability of the LOBO System brings cost and labour savings. This makes it a perfect tool for multi-skilled teams.

Safe: LOBO is a rigid and stable product. It doesn't shake or rattle like some aluminium towers can. It meets or exceeds current safety legislation and allows handrails to be fitted wherever the user requires them. 

Versatile: Can be configured into any size or shape, therefore fits into difficult to get to areas. No other system can offer this combination of safety, flexibility, adjustability, simplicity and cost benefit. 

No Tools & Flat Packs: No spanners or hammers, fast assembly, quicker than tube and clamp. The system flat packs which means it can be transported anywhere in the world and erected by anyone. 

Expandable: LOBO is fully scalable and adaptable, making larger more complex systems by simply adding more standard components. LOBO will grow and adjust to any future requirement thereby protecting the initial investment. >> up to 10m 


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