Tech Positioning: a Recurring Activity!


In one of our previous blogs, we revealed a few secrets to boost your technology with the Tech Positioning Programme, based on >20 years of technology deployment experience. The programme helps you to identify strengths and opportunities to improve the overall offering, and to make it as attractive as possible to the broadest appropriate customer base. 

People asked us the question whether the Tech Positioning Programme is a one-off event, or whether it needs to be repeated at regular intervals. It is the latter, and in this blog we explain why.

Tech Positioning: what is it all about?

With the Tech Positioning Programme, we help you to understand the Impact versus Do-ability of a technology, considering the environment in which the target customer operates. Technology is assessed against criteria grouped under 7 themes, through a structured dialogue with key stakeholders. The Tech Positioning Programme provides key insights into the reasons why a technology is difficult or relatively easy to deploy. Also, based on the outcome of the Tech Positioning Programme, specific actions can be defined to increase the chances of success. Our experience is that most challenges for getting technology deployed are non-technical, and the Tech Positioning Programme reflects that.

The outcome of the Tech Positioning Programme

The outcome of the Tech Positioning Programme is visualized with a spider diagram and a matrix. The spider diagram visually shows what the score is for the various themes: the % of points scored considering the maximum number of points that can be scored. It immediately gives an indication where the weakest link(s) are.


Outcome of the Tech Positioning Programme using a spider diagram

The outcome can also be translated into an Impact versus Do-ability matrix, with the Impact axis reflecting the score for themes 1 and 2, and the Do-ability axis reflecting the scores for the other 5 themes.


Outcome of the Tech Positioning Programme using an Impact versus Do-ability Matrix

The matrix is particularly useful when showing the status of your technology for different customers. This way you make it visible which customers to target first, whereby the Tech Positioning Programme will help you to define the specific actions you need to take towards the customer.

Tech Positioning: a recurring activity

Tech Positioning is a recurring event. As the technology evolves, the application envelope may become broader, this way increasing the chances that the technology can be applied. Every successful deployment provides important information, and the same goes for deployments that were not as successful as expected.

The business environment sees continuous change, which makes that some customers may no longer be attractive targets, and obviously the opposite can happen as well. 

In other words, the spider as shown in picture 1 will change over time, and the position of the Impact versus Do-Ability chart will result as well!


The position on the Impact versus Do-ability Matrix changes over time as a result of actions taken and results achieved, and also as a result of changes in the business environment

Changes in the position on the Impact versus Do-Ability chart means that you may want to re-prioritize your customers. Your time is precious, and one customer that used to be a great target may no longer rank high. Others may have evolved as better targets!


It is important to understand the Impact and Do-Ability that your technology can have for different customers, such that you can maximise the impact of your efforts and prioritise the right customers


The Tech Positioning Programme helps you to attract the best buyers for your technology. This programme is based on >20 years of technology deployment experience. The Tech Positioning Programme is not a one-off activity. As new information becomes available, and changes happen in the business environment, the Impact versus Do-Ability for a customer needs to be re-assessed, such that you can target the right customers at any moment in time.

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