Solar Energy Technologies in the Spotlight

Solar Energy Technologies in the Spotlight


Solar Energy offers a huge potential in driving the global shift to renewable energy. It has grown widely in recent years as a result of better affordability and reliability of technologies available to harness solar radiation and convert it to electricity or thermal energy. 

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), solar energy led the nine-percent growth in total renewable energy capacity in 2021 after it registered a 19-percent increase to 843,086 MW. It comprised 27.7 percent of total global renewable energy capacity last year, over two percentage points higher than the previous year. *

Given its critical role in the Energy Transition, this month’s spotlight is on Solar Energy Technologies. We have compiled a list featuring seven (7) innovative technologies, composed of solutions that either directly convert sunlight to energy or allow the effective distribution of the generated  energy. Six (6) of these technologies have been proven in an actual operational environment (TRL 9), and one has been at least demonstrated in an operational environment (TRL 7).


Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) PV Hybrid System by Global Power Technologies | The Most Reliable Offshore Transitional Energy Solution Available

Reliable, low-emission, and cost-effective off-grid power solutions for remote and environmentally challenging places, and in all weather conditions. TEG/PV Hybrid systems, which consist of TEG Power, Solar Power, Battery Power and Power Distribution Systems delivers up to 5 kW of power. It offers an optimum balance of power availability with minimal footprint while producing significantly fewer carbon emissions.


EnergyPod by Amphibious Energy | Clean alternative to diesel gensets

EnergyPod, one of the Renewable Energy finalists of the Tech for the Energy Transition Awards 2021, is a transportable, autonomous and compact wind and solar-driven electrical generator. With a footprint of only 7.5m2 and can be monitored remotely, this technology is durable, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.


ZigZagSolar by Wallvision B.V. / ZigZagSolar | Solar facade for energy-efficient buildings

ZigZagSolar is an energy-harvesting architectural facade that uses the Building-Integrated Photovoltaics system. By using this sun oriented setup with reflective decorative paneling harvesting sun all day, the electric yield is increased (126% of actual yield in kWh per m2 PV panel, as per information provided by supplier) and the solar panels will be invisibly integrated into the building.


Solar Energy by Volta Energy | Green mobile energy

Volta Energy’s Solar Energy combines energy generated from solar power with energy storage from lithium batteries, resulting in a sustainable, clean and self-sufficient system that recharges itself. Its solar-generators produce between 6 and 120 kW, and are connected via IoT (Internet-of-Things), allowing Volta Energy to assist clients in optimising energy generated as well as to know when there is service due.



NoGrid Power by Solartechno B.V. | Modular, plug and play solar power for remote locations

The NoGrid Power system is a modular system integrating a solar module, charger and lithium-ion batteries with passive cooling. The system is plug and play and several systems can be connected in series to service higher power loads, making it ideal for power supply in remote locations.


Floating PV by HelioRec | Sustainable, simple and powerful floating PV

HelioRec’s Floating PV provides wind- and wave-resistant floating solar technology. HelioRec utilises a combination of flexible materials, along with a unique design of the connectors between floating elements to help reduce mechanical stresses on the system. This technology is supported by HelioRec’s algorithm that predicts energy generation and optimises operation and maintenance. 


PIONIERKRAFTwerk by Pionierkraft GmbH | Direct Tenant-To-Tenant Energy Sharing Technology

This technology allows direct tenant-to-tenant energy sharing without using the public grid. If the neighbours need more energy than you can provide, they can draw the difference from the supplier of their choice. The integrated IoT functionality connects the PIONIERKRAFTwerk to the PIONIERKRAFT platform, allowing the analysis of energy use and operating conditions to ensure optimal and smooth functioning of the solution.


  *Renewable capacity highlights (2022). International Renewable Energy Agency. Retrieved 20 April 2022, from

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