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Robotics has the potential to solve challenging problems in all areas of life and society- from medical care to food supply and energy. If well-designed and well-integrated, robots can help and assist humans to do the “impossible”. But how can robots help your business? 

Industrial robots have the potential to increase operational efficiency, improve safety, and reduce CO2 impact. Given this potential, we have created a list featuring eight (8) innovative robotics technologies. All of these technologies have been proven and demonstrated in an operational environment. 

Some of these technologies have been deployed by Shell, BP, Chevron… the list goes on. 

Scroll through the list and visit tech pages of technologies you are interested in by clicking on the button below each technology.


Robotic Tank Cleaning in ATEX Zone 0 environment by Re-Gen Robotics

100% No Man Entry

This technology provides robotic tank cleaning with 100% no man entry. It is explosion proof, fully compliant and can help increase operational efficiency and minimise tank shutdown time by 45%.

10q Paint Robot by Qlayers

Disrupting the world of coating storage tanks 

10Q is an automated paint robot that transforms the manual method of coating large-scale storage tanks into a fully controlled, efficient, and safe process without any overspray.  The technology also ensures a high transfer efficiency of about 90%, reducing paint waste and thus costs.

CAROL Robotic Catalyst Unloading by Advisian Digital (Worley Group)

The world’s first remote controlled commercial catalyst removal robot

CAROL is a robot that sits on the surface of the catalyst, moving around on the material as it is vacuumed. Performs as fast, if not faster than a human worker while operating in an environment not suitable for humans.

Splash Zone Access Solutions by OceanTech

Remotely operated access solutions for inspection and modification services

OceanTech involves remotely operated access solutions with or without robotic arms for accessing the challenging Splash Zone at marine installations like oil & gas platforms, offshore wind farms etc.


Advanced modular robotic platform

Hunter is a modular magnetic adhesion crawler, made for inspection of large ferromagnetic structures such as tanks, pressure vessels and more. This advanced modular robotic platform allows remote access with minimised need for rope access and scaffolding which results in decreasing inspection time and improving safety.

BIKE - Inspection Robot by GE Inspection Robotics

 Eliminating confined space entry

The BIKE platform is a magnetic wheeled robot capable of inspecting power plant facilities and multiple applications. Designed to reach locations inaccessible by humans because of size constraints, temperature, immersion in liquids or safety reasons.

LF ROV Hullcleaner by Langfeng technologies

 ROV underwater Hull cleaning robot machine with cavitation discs

LF ROV Hullcleaner is used for large and medium ships' hull cleaning. LF hullcleaner has the advantages of wide service range, high degree of information technology, simple and portable operation, high volume cleaning efficiency, gravity recovery and efficient distribution.

Fouling Removal Robot by Tube Tech International Ltd.

 Safe, rapid deployment and +90% clean as standard

This fouling removal robot can record videos and images of blockages, concerns and the cleaning taking place whilst automatically adjusting to tubes. Unrivalled cleaning results regardless of level or type of fouling.

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Other Techs in the Spotlight

Solar Energy Technologies in the Spotlight

Solar Energy offers a huge potential in driving the global shift to renewable energy. It has grown widely in recent years as a result of better affordability and reliability of technologies available to harness solar radiation and convert it to electricity or thermal energy. 

Tidal Energy Technologies in the Spotlight

Tidal Energy, harnessed from moving tides, provides a reliable and dependable power source⁠. The great potential of Tidal Energy is not limited to its reliability but also to the availability of the resource, and the high quantity of beneficiaries. 

Find three technologies that harness energy from the movements of tides. All three have technology readiness levels of at least 8, making them readily available for deployment. Check the list below and click their photos to direct you to their pages where you will get more information about the technologies and the innovators behind them.