New service: monthly technology update

monthly tech update

New service: monthly technology update

In one of our recent blogs, we shared three tips for Operators to increase the chances that technology gets deployed and replicated.

  1. Make someone in your company responsible for Technology Deployment

  2. Replicate what has worked for others

  3. Use tangible examples to convince your senior management

Multiple people responded to the blog and indicated that it would be great to receive a monthly e-mail summary of new additions to, such that it can support items 2 and 3 as per above. This is now something that we have added to our services menu.

How does it work?

As a starting point, we ask you to share a list of specific business needs that your company has. This list will be kept confidential.

Based on your business needs, we will send you a monthly e-mail highlighting technology additions to that can address the business needs.

The e-mail will be in a format such that it can easily be shared with people within your organisation. The e-mail will particularly highlight which other operators have already used a technology, to the extent that this information can be disclosed; if not, it will be stated as “successfully used by other Operator”.

This e-mail can be widely shared within the organization, and can also be shared via intranet and other channels. Of course, such e-mail alone may not get the technology deployed, but it will help to get the dialogue going about technologies that can potentially improve business performance: during teams meetings, but for example also at the coffee machine. It is one of the things that can be done to improve the technology & innovation mindset in the company.

Naturally, the moment leaders will start highlighting examples from the monthly e-mail during engagements with staff, there will be an accelerated impact. Leaders can challenge their staff, asking questions: “This has worked for our competitors. Would it also work for us?” The moment leaders start to do that, people in the organization will start to pay extra attention to technologies that can replace the conventional way of doing business.


A monthly e-mail highlighting additions to is a simple way to improve the Technology & Innovation mindset in your company, particularly if key examples are then used in engagements with staff and other meetings. It will help to get the dialogue about technology going!

The service can be delivered to you for €5000 per annum (excl. VAT). Payment can also be done per month, at a price of €600 per month (excl. VAT).

Please contact us at for further information, or to discuss further!

About us

The founders of led technology deployment activities in support of assets across Shell. Over 600 deployments were successfully delivered, resulting in a very significant impact on safety, production and cost. We understand what it takes to get technology deployed, including all change management aspects related to it. Since starting in March 2018, we have supported multiple Operators in Upstream and Downstream with technology deployment.

Our main product is In addition, we also support suppliers and end-users with getting technology deployment done, through consultancy & workshops.