New platform features rolled out in 2021

New Platform Features Rolled Out in 2021


As promised at the start of 2021, has planned and realised exciting features that give our users the best possible user experience from a dynamic platform. 

Below is a list of the key features we implemented this year.


Share Your Challenge

Are you looking for a technology that can address an operational challenge in your business? Share your challenge with us and we will help you find the right solution for free!

Simply fill out the form with info we can share with our suppliers such as your industry, details/questions you wish the supplier to know/provide information about, location where the technology is needed and deadline for applications.

We will get back to you with suggested technologies within 72 hours, with links to their tech pages. You can then choose which technology you prefer and book a meeting with the supplier through their tech page. 

You can share your challenge with us through this link:


Technology Insights Navigator

With our Technology Insights Navigator, you can subscribe to actionable insights that will help you find and select the right solutions for your business.

This premium functionality provides you and your team advanced filters that allow you to generate specific data and insights on the industry such as, but not limited to, technologies on the platform that were deployed in a specific country or by a specific company.

To further guide you through your tech selection and deployment activities, procurement and investor toolkits can also be added to your Technology Insight Navigator.

For more information, click here:


Searchable Tech Experts

We made searching for tech experts real easy! Simply type in the search bar the field of expertise in which you would need assistance, then you'll see a roster of tech experts you can choose from.

You can also find these tech experts show at the top of the page when visiting a module, i.e. Safety, Digitalisation, or CO2 Reduction.

And by visiting their tech expert page, you can start the conversation right away with the potential consultant for your next project!


Pagebuilder for Tech Suppliers and Experts

Starting August, our tech suppliers and tech experts can build their own pages directly in their toolbox, and get a page preview right away. 

Suppliers and tech experts just need to provide all the required contents, including videos and/or photos showcasing their technology or expertise, and submit for review by our Operations team.

The review process is quicker and a notification will be sent via email once the page is published.

This just made it easier, faster and much more flexible to get tech and tech expert pages up and running!


Book A Meeting via the Tech Page

We unlocked new ways to get connected to technology suppliers: you can now book a meeting through their tech pages and receive confirmation straight from them! 

With this new functionality on tech pages, tech suppliers can set the available dates and time slots that they can have meetings or organise live demos for interested users.

This way, you can ask more questions about the technology, inquire about a deployment concern specific to their business need, or even request a quotation for your project right away.


More information on Tech Cards

Our users can now see on tech cards the amount of the following tech page information

  • Reviews
  • Favourites
  • Likes
  • Deploys


New Sorting Type of Technologies

Users can also customise the sorting type of technologies by:

  • Last Updated
  • Technology Readiness Level
  • Favorites 
  • Amount of Reviews

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