Marketing Managers: Data Analytics to get more leads for your tech products

data analytics is growing fast. We’re rapidly going towards 500 technologies, and already >35,000 unique users have made use of the platform to select technologies that can improve business performance. 

Besides the technology page for suppliers, we also offer premium services. One of the services that we provide is ‘Market Insights & Analytics’.

The analytics now include graphics such as the two following ones and more! These give you powerful insights that can help you maximise the market potential of your technology.

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Improve your value proposition 

As part of the Market Insights & Analytics, we provide you with feedback on your technology page.

We do this from an Operator perspective, based on our extensive technology deployment experience. Not only during the years that we were leading technology deployment activities in Shell; since starting in 2018, we have supported tens of operators with technology deployment. Together with you, we reflect on the following points. As we go through the points, we provide you with feedback on potential improvement areas.

  • What is your target market?

  • What is the problem you are solving?

  • How does your technology add value to the end-user? Does your technology page reflect this?

  • What technology deployment experiences do you have? Does the technology page reflect this in the right way? Are there users and independent experts who can provide testimonials? [we can help with getting access to the right people].

  • What channels do you use to share your technology page?

By following the recommendations, you will see an improvement in the analytics, and this will also result in more follow-up discussions with potential clients. 

How does the above differ from the Tech Positioning Programme?

The services as part of the Market Insights & Analytics package specifically focus on your technology page on The Tech Positioning Programme goes into further detail. It helps you to rank your customers and helps you to define the right actions to get the technology accepted and deployed by the customer. The Tech Positioning Programme is delivered through a dialogue around ~30 specific questions. 


When looking at the technology pages from a customer perspective, we usually see areas where the page can be improved. This increases the chances that people visit and spend more time on the page. And contact you for a follow-up!  The service is available to you for €400 per annum excluding VAT (pricing as per 6th October 2020). Interested? Curious how this can help you? Contact us at!

About us

The founders of led technology deployment activities in support of assets across Shell. Over 600 deployments were successfully delivered, resulting in a very significant impact on safety, production and cost. We understand what it takes to get technology deployed, including all change management aspects related to it. Since starting in March 2018, we have supported multiple Operators in Upstream and Downstream with technology deployment. 

Our main product is In addition, we also support suppliers and end-users with getting technology deployment done, through consultancy & workshops.