“I saw your technology on TechnologyCatalogue.com!”

How a tech page on the platform helped a tech supplier get its foot in an energy operator’s door


How a tech page on the platform helped a tech supplier get its foot in an energy operator’s door

This is a case study of one of the suppliers on TechnologyCatalogue.com, Advanced 3D Laser Solutions or A3D. They registered their 3D Laser Surveys and 3D Digital Twin Creation technology on TechnologyCatalogue.com in July 2020.

A3D Director Colin Pittman said he received many interests for their technology from all over the globe, including a direct inquiry from a huge operator in Houston, Texas.


The Technology and the Supplier

Based in Essex, United Kingdom, Advanced 3D Laser Solutions or A3D provides engineering, design, draughting and surveying services across a whole spectrum of process and manufacturing industries. A3D has a strong client base in the UK and Europe, specifically high-profile storage operators globally.

A3D currently has two technologies on the platform: the 3D Laser Surveys and 3D Digital Twin Creation, and the 4D Lizard. For this case study, we are looking at how the 3D laser scanning technology performed on the platform.


The Challenge: Lack of Exhibitions to Enter New Markets

COVID-19 has pulled the plug for almost, if not all, tech exhibitions. It has also made personal, face-to-face meetings and on-site demonstrations nearly impossible, thereby limiting the interactions between companies. This, according to A3D Director Colin Pittman, has slowed down their marketing efforts especially in terms of entering new markets.

“Exhibitions are very important to us. Based on our experience, it is one of the best ways to open up the market for us,” Pittman noted.

A3D started out in the UK, but it currently has operations in Singapore, Netherlands and the United States. They are also exploring major markets such as Germany and Saudi Arabia. 

COVID-19 restrictions did not really affect delivery of services to existing clients as hiccups were addressed by teaming up with local scanning companies. However, reaching out to new clients becomes a challenge given the lack of direct access to the right people.


The Solution: TechnologyCatalogue.com, an online matchmaking platform

TechnologyCatalogue.com bridges the gap between tech end-users, suppliers and experts. Through the platform, technologies become visible to potential clients that are mostly from the energy sector. 

Each technology has a dedicated page where crucial information for end-user’s decision-making is presented. If interested, end-users can send direct messages to suppliers through the contact form or reach out through the contact details provided. 

As of writing, the platform recorded over 470,000 page views from more than 80,000 visitors to-date and has paved the way for over 500 matches.


The Result: “I saw your technology on TechnologyCatalogue.com!”

A3D registered its 3D Laser Surveys and 3D Digital Twin Creation technology on TechnologyCatalogue.com in July 2020. 

TechnologyCatalogue.com offers international visibility through the global platform as well as local exposure through country platforms and partnerships in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States and India as well as in the Middle East, DACH region and the Caribbean.

Pittman created the page for this technology and initially filled in basic information required for the publication of the page. 

“We thought it’s a nice-to-have page for additional exposure. We did not really put much thought into it after we published the page, not until we received a message from someone who wants to introduce our technology to his team in Chevron in Houston. I asked him: where did you find out about us? And he answered: I saw your technology on TechnologyCatalogue.com! I was surprised! Calls like this can result in a contract that range from 30,000 euros to 1.6 million euros!,” Pittman shared.

This, he said, prompted them to revisit their page and supply other information such as videos, photos and other information about the technology. Pittman also decided to upgrade to a Silver pack to have Data analytics and additional promotions to his page. Data analytics allows page owners (the suppliers) to get more information about who’s visiting their sites. 

“We are a lean company with very low overhead costs, allowing us to offer our solutions at competitive prices. And cost-effective tools like TechnologyCatalogue.com are a real gamechanger,” Pittman shared.


“A Platform and A Community” 

TechnologyCatalogue.com is a platform where end-users, innovators and tech experts meet. As Pittman noted: “the platform has a very good following in the technical community, and that’s what we need as technology suppliers to open new markets.” He mentioned that A3D’s laser scanning technology received interests from other countries through TechnologyCatalogue.com.

Pittman highlighted that apart from getting visibility on the platform, what he likes about joining TechnologyCatalogue.com is that A3D becomes a part of a community. He explained that this community includes members that genuinely believe in the power of technology and innovation to bring about change, thus actively promoting the platform as well as the innovators that are part of it. 

“When industry personalities like Colin Black of the UK Energy Technology Platform promote the platform, they are also promoting and supporting the innovators that are part of it. And that’s what I like about being part of TechnologyCatalogue.com: we are part of a community and promoting technologies on the platform is a team effort,” Pittman concluded.


About Colin Pittman

Colin is the Commercial Director of Advanced 3D Laser Solutions. He has an extraordinarily varied and successful career with over 30 years in publishing/media. His skill in building client and supplier relationships has been critical to the rapid growth A3D has achieved over the past 7 years.


About TechnologyCatalogue.com

Discover and deploy technological innovations to accelerate energy transition. That’s the objective of TechnologyCatalogue.com. With over 700 technologies and 70,000 unique users of the platform, TechnologyCatalogue.com supports the energy transition by providing a platform that bridges the gap between technology suppliers, end-users and experts, and facilitates technological innovations towards a more sustainable energy sector.

Aside from the global platform, TechnologyCatalogue.com also provides customized services for companies and industry organizations, tailored according to their specific needs to get the technology deployed!

We understand what it takes to get technology deployed, including all change management aspects related to new ways of working. Over the years, we have facilitated more than 1,000 technology deployments for global and regional operators resulting in >$1 billion of value added. 

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