Geothermal Technologies in the Spotlight



Geothermal technologies in the spotlight


Geothermal energy is ground heat stored in the earth's crust. To unlock geothermal energy, technical challenges need to be addressed that are similar to some of the technical challenges for the exploration and production of oil and gas. As such, technology transfer is often seen as a cross-over between the two energy sectors. 

As International Geothermal Association Executive Director Marit Brommer noted in a recently published blog on, there is huge interest from the oil and gas industry in transferring technological capability to geothermal, and vice versa. She mentioned closed-loop systems as well as high temperature monitoring and measurement systems as just a few technological solutions that are relevant to both geothermal and oil and gas sectors.

For this month’s Technologies in the Spotlight, we are showcasing some of the geothermal solutions on the platform that were also used and deployed by oil and gas companies. Scroll through the technologies below and check their technology pages to know more.


ResFrac Pro by ResFrac

Coupled hydraulic fracture, reservoir, and geomechanics simulator

ResFrac’s proven solution helps upstream oil and gas producers simulate the entire well lifecycle in a single integrated simulator to maximise capital returns. Aside from oil and gas simulations, other areas of application include unconventional geophysics software, enhanced geothermal, hydraulic fracturing and reservoir simulation.

WEB-AVO by Delft Inversion

The next-generation seismic reservoir characterisation technology

Wave-Equation Based Amplitude Versus Offset (WEB-AVO) translates migrated seismic data into elastic reservoir models using a unique physical data model. It represents the high-tech seismic solution for risk reduction and return maximisation of Exploration & Production, geothermal but also CO2 storage projects.


OPPtimal Fault Extraction (OFE) by OPPtimal Resource Solutions Pty Ltd

Increasing resource recoveries & cheaper, safer and more successful operations

AAPG-awarded, world-first method to generate reliable high-resolution fault volumes from seismic data and link these to various Drilling, Mining, Exploration and Production observations. It can be used for any resources covered by seismic—oil and gas, mining, geothermal, groundwater, geosequestration and underground storage.


T1000 Wireline Cablehead Thermometer by AccSensum

Electronic Replacement for Mercury Maximum reading thermometers

The AccSensum T-1000 offers an innovative, low power, single pin solution (patent pending) for continuous downhole temperature measurement during open-hole logging. It can be used to provide gradients, reservoir temperature and tool correction temperatures for oil, gas and geothermal industries.

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Geothermal is ground heat stored in the earth's crust. Given that the heat is constantly present within the earth’s subsurface and carried via extremely hot water or steam, this type of renewable energy is not dependent on weather conditions and offers high capacity for cooling and heating purposes as well as electricity generation.


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