Emerging Operational Challenges in the Energy Sector: From the Perspective of Operators in the UK

Insights from the UK Energy Technology Platform [link: uk.energytechnologyplatform.com ] international knowledge sharing survey of over 255 Operator & Contractor Professionals

Note: We would like to extend our gratitude to over 255 senior industry professionals for their survey responses. We have listened to everyone’s feedback and incorporated your key points into the Platforms search criteria. 


The world’s business environment has changed drastically in the last 10 months. Covid-19 is limiting all organisations’ connectivity and people’s mobility, on top of challenges it also poses on costs and risks associated in every business. Conferences, conventions and exhibitions are either cancelled, postponed or moved online. Business travels are minimised and quality face-to-face meetings become limited. 

Nevertheless,TechnologyCatalogue.com and our UK Energy Technology Platform (UK ETP) remain steadfast in connecting all parties across the ecosystem of the energy industry. Our goal is to connect End-Users with the right Technology Suppliers and provide support in the deployment process. 

To realise this goal more effectively, we reached out to over 500 UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) Operators, Tier#1 Contractors, and many international and national oil companies to identify industry trends and establish their specific interest in learning more about Technologies that address key operational challenges. The goal is to listen to our UK End-Users so our platform will be more aligned to actual needs of the sector.

One thing was clear as a result of this survey: Energy Transition is a top priority for UK operators. This will be discussed further shortly.

The Survey

Over 255 senior industry professionals in Operators and Contractors around the world have given their input on these points, thereby producing a statistically robust overview of how the industry is changing and which Operational Challenges are most relevant for them at the moment. Pie chart below shows the respondents’ profile.

Overview of respondents:

survey results

Guided by the mentioned points, there were 14 different industry themes and 22 operational challenges presented, showcasing the overall trends in the industry on one hand, and highlighting differences between regions on the other.

Energy Transition emerged as the top concern for the Operators across the board, almost equal with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). This is great news for technologies on the platform tackling innovation aspects within the industry through disruptive solutions in the domain of energy transition. Moreover, this topic can be observed across areas such as reducing production emissions and the CO2 footprint of drilling operations or applying wells technologies for geothermal, Carbon Capture Use & Storage (CCUS) purposes.

Increasing digital remote working emerged as another popular concern for Operators. This is perceived as a response to the Covid-19 situation as well as an opportunity to reduce cost, improve safety and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time. Increasing operational efficiency was also a priority as part of belt-tightening measures amid challenging business conditions.

Ways Forward: Using Survey Insights to Help Operators and Suppliers

Colin Black, Managing Director, www.carjon-nrg.com and UK partner of TechnologyCatalogue.com & UK ETP summarised, “the survey established that the industry remains keen to safely innovate, reduce costs, cut emissions, and improve efficiency. At the same time, it again highlighted that many Operators find it difficult to establish which innovative technologies are available, what has already been deployed by other Operators and in other parts of the world as well as the most effective way to deploy technology and maximise is value across the organisation by replication of successful deployment .”

With this survey, operators made it clearer what types of technologies they need to support their business. Aside from having a wider range of technology choices on the platform, operators are also guaranteed of a well-informed and more sector-grounded portfolio of both technologies and services. Our team’s extensive experience in Technology deployment ensures that our Technology Screening and Technology Deployment support services are based on our comprehensive and informed technology search but tailored to the specific needs of businesses in the global energy sector. 

Suppliers, on the other hand, can now enjoy TechnologyCatalogue.com’s and UK ETP’s even stronger position to reach the right End-Users for their technology. Aside from the free tech page we offer, suppliers can also avail of the 1-hour program we offer as part of our Marketing & Analytics package that now integrates fresh insights from the survey.


The global energy sector is experiencing more changes and challenges in the past 10 months than in the past 10 years combined, based on at least how some key players perceive the situation. Add to this is the exponential increase in available technological solutions being introduced from all over the globe each day. 

All these plus the daily operational challenges faced by operators or the market congestion experienced by suppliers are making it hard for innovations to effectively take place. There is just not enough room to search, study and test new technologies for each business need.

“TechnologyCatalogue.com’s primary goal is to be a catalyst of faster technology uptake in the global energy sector. In order to achieve this, we make sure we keep abreast of the overall business environment as well as the specific needs of the sector. This survey, along with our deployment experiences then and now, allows us to effectively assist businesses in selecting and deploying right technologies in the energy sector,” Erik Nijveld, TechnologyCatalogue co-founder and managing partner highlighted.

Furthermore, this survey assists us in better supporting The Oil And Gas Authority MER-UK, Net-Zero and Oil & Gas UK Energy Transition RoadMap2035 Objectives. We want to ensure that we are not only deploying technologies for the sake of introducing innovations, but we are doing so with sustainability as a guiding principle.

Curious how these platforms and knowledge sharing services could support your operations or business development?  Please contact us at info@technologycatalogue.com or colinb@carjon-nrg.com , here to help. 

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