8 Shipping Energy Efficiency Technologies in the Spotlight

8 Shipping Energy Efficiency Technologies in the Spotlight


Shipping is one of the most sustainable ways to transport goods. However, given that it covers 75% of global freight transport activities, shipping operations still account for ~2% of global energy-related CO2 emissions*. Thus, energy efficiency in this industry is key for the transition to clean energy. 

TechnologyCatalogue.com contains a large number of technologies for sustainable energy production, as well as a wide range of solutions for sustainable energy consumption. The latter includes technologies for shipping, with some of them deployed by Shell, BP, Saudi Aramco and other major players in the industry.  As such, we put together a list featuring eight (8) innovative energy efficiency technologies for the shipping industry.

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Ventifoil by Econowind

 A solution for harnessing wind to save fuel in shipping

Ventifoil enables ocean merchant ships fitted with the technology to save fuel by utilizing wind. Econowind offers three configurations of Ventifoil; Container, Flatrack and Retrofit.

Exper-teK® by Knauf Insulation

Simple and intuitive calculation of heat losses and energy costs

Exper-teK® easily calculates heat losses and energy costs for technical insulation applications, with  professional support from Knauf’s  team.

TMC Smart Air Compressors by TMC compressors

40% energy saving for marine and offshore applications

TMC Smart Air® compressors are a range of marine and offshore compressors offering considerable energy saving through peak shaving and optimized running based on air consumption.

Thermal Insulation Coating by Mascoat

Eliminating CUI, while saving energy and protecting personnel

This industrial thermal insulation coating product offers easy to install and cost efficient multi-purpose coating, providing insulation, personnel protection and solving corrosion under insulation (CUI) issues.

Power Management System by Bosch Rexroth

A modular system configuration for more efficient and consistent energy supply

Bosch Rexroth’s Power Management System allows you to control and modulate the power supply, offering reduced energy costs, higher profit margins and improved sustainability.

Smart Vessel Optimizer by TechBinder

Data Driven Fleet Optimization

Smart Vessel Optimizer allows you to create insights from the many different systems that are available on a vessel and onshore. 

Envirocart by CleanSubSea

Underwater Hull Cleaning System, 100% Biofouling Capture 

Envirocart provides an in-water hull cleaning system with biofouling removal, capture and containment to remove marine growth from the hulls of ships without costly and time consuming dry docking.

Quick Connect Magnetic Coupling for Subsea and Ship Moorings by Tow-Botic Systems

Energy efficient moorings using permanent magnets

Tow-botic Systems BV is developing underwater magnets for offshore use, providing the ability to quickly connect or disconnect to any steel structure, saving time and cost of operations

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* International Shipping (2021). IEA. Retrieved July 2022 from https://www.iea.org/reports/international-shipping

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