12 UK Technologies that will Change the Way You Manage Your Facilities

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Technological advances have made it easier for companies to become more agile and efficient, while at the same time enabling them to reduce CO2 emissions and improve safety. This is especially true for the Energy, Oil & Gas, and Utilities sector where companies are constantly seeking new technologies to help them manage their facilities, track assets and do periodic maintenance on their assets.

This month, we're shining the spotlight on 12 innovative UK technologies for managing your facilities. We'll highlight the benefits that each of these technologies can provide, and how they can help improve the efficiency of your operations.

3D Laser Surveys and 3D Digital Twin Creation

Surveying sites in days not years

A3D 3D Laser Surveys and 3D Digital Twin Creation is able to survey entire sites in days as opposed to years at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods. Laser scanning technology can produce an as-built survey of your entire facility at an accuracy of +/-1mm, without site disruption or the need for scaffolding. Laser Scanning records everything allowing a single survey to be used for multiple projects, including the creation of a 3D Digital Twin.

CUI Monitoring and Prediction System

Permanent, long range, wireless monitoring

​​​​​​CorrosionRADAR technology is for corrosion monitoring and prediction with a key application for hidden corrosion such as Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). CorrosionRADAR’s mission is to support industry moving from reactive to predictive corrosion management, using cutting-edge technologies from distributed sensing networks to Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced predictive analytics. The CorrosionRADAR product range includes: Corrosion Monitoring System and Moisture Monitoring System.

LOBO advanced work platform system

10 times faster to assemble compared to traditional scaffolding

The LOBO System is a safe alternative to scaffolding, a versatile work platform that combines the flexibility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of tower systems. This provides an alternative to scaffolding which is used in facility maintenance applications.

LOBO can be reconfigured and adjusted, without the need for tools, into any shape or size, it is easy to use and fast to assemble


ePAV ( Electronic Physical Asset Verification)

Reduce time and improve accuracy in digitizing information

ePAV™ is a digital data collection app that allows companies to conduct a PAV, inventory audit or any field data collection and verification exercise with 4 times more accuracy and in half the time.

With standardised and pre-populated data points, the app eliminates human error, standardizes data from source and eliminates the requirement for post walk down data processing.



Automated and real-time asset tracking to cut costs and maximize productivity

AssetVoice is an award-winning automated change management software, utilizing RFID technology and sensors to monitor, track, and manage mobile and critical assets in the most effective and efficient way possible. AssetVoice™ is compatible with any CMMS, ERP or EAM so that changes are automatically updated in real-time.


Intelligent maintenance analytics

Aim-Hi™ is a cloud-based maintenance analytics and benchmarking tool that provides instantaneous intelligence around maintenance KPIs and the plant’s maintenance management regime, helping maintenance personnel to identify areas of underperformance and discover opportunities for optimization.



Total Oil Recovery Technique

TORT offers non-invasive recovery of attic oils and similar for cleaning and decommissioning operations. The system uses a lightweight fluid for oil displacement. This fluid can be pumped directly from reservoir tanks or batched between Aubin EVO-Pigs to deliver the fluid in an efficient manner reducing overall total volumes used during de-oiling/de-cruding.


Camtorc Pneumatic & Hydraulic Actuators

Market leading pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuator technology

The Camtorc series actuators are designed to ensure compact and safe operation of valves and dampers with a constant torque being generated throughout the entire pressure stroke of the actuator.

The lack of internal gearing means that backlash is eliminated, making the Camtorc actuator an excellent choice for modulating control applications whilst the unique dual piston design offers excellent characteristics for valves with relatively low Maximum Allowable Stem Torque (MAST) values.


Accelerated Carbonation Technology

A circular solution to industrial waste and CO2 capture

Carbon8 Systems’ Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT), enables the safe and permanent storage of captured CO2 in products for the construction industry, while diverting residues from landfill. C8S delivers decarbonisation solutions, by converting CO2 and industrial residues into products with desirable performance characteristics for the construction industry.



Efficiently build accurate and manufacturer verified equipment and maintenance BoMs

OptiBoM™ is a comprehensive library of bill of materials (BoMs) data, offering direct access to the critical equipment data you need to order the correct spare parts. BoMs can be directly mapped into the clients CMMS where common equipment exists in the asset register and OptiBoM™, providing a cost-efficient solution to part sourcing.



Corrosion Protection Material for Bolted Connections within Monopile Transition Pieces

AXI-Gard is a non-conductive media, which provides corrosion control, typically in the annulus between the transition piece and the monopile. Deployed in splash zones, where oxygen-rich seawater is a significant threat to the integrity of critical elements such as bolts in the monopile, the hydrophobic solution provides protection even if the grout seals fail.


UIS Power Handler 16-42"

The UIS Power Handler is for handling large diameter GRE, HDPE pipe, DI, Carbon Steel and Concrete Pipes

The UIS Power Handler is a safer and more compliant way of handling large diameter GRE, HDPE pipe, Ducting’s, Carbon Steel/Ductile Iron and Concrete Pipes. With the UIS Power Handler™ excavator attachment, you are selecting the powerful all-in-one solution for pipe handling on a large scale like no other. The unique design of the UIS Power Handler™ gives the operator total control of the pipe from the comfort of the excavator cab.