10 Most Viewed Technologies on TechnologyCatalogue.com in 2020


Last year, both the number of technologies and visitors on our platform and partner portals more than doubled compared to the previous year. This is great news for both suppliers and end-users as it means more exposure for technologies on one hand and more choices of technologies on the other. 

Here we listed the 10 most viewed technologies on our platform in 2020, with the following common elements:

  • Most of these technologies fall under the Digitalisation, Maintenance and Integrity, and Health & Safety categories

  • Eight of these technologies are at 9/9 Technology Readiness Level, which means they are proven in operational environments

  • Five of these technologies are from Dutch innovators, while the rest are from companies based in Australia, US, UK and Switzerland.

carol robotic
CAROL Robotic Catalyst Unloading by Advisian Digital

The world’s first remote controlled commercial catalyst removal robot. 

HMT-1Z1 by RealWear

Intrinsically safe head-mounted wearables.

IMS RCM Reliability-Centered Maintenance by Cenosco

Setting the market standard in Integrity Management Software.

Inspection of Corrosion under Pipe Supports by Rosen Group

ROSEN delivers in-service inspections for non-accessible areas.

magnetic robot crawlers
Magnetic Robot Crawlers by VertiDrive

The robotic solution for paint stripping and cleaning.

motion amplification tech
Motion Amplification Technology by Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd

Non contact vibration visualisation tool developed by RDI Technologies.

PETROSWEET HSW799 non-triazine H2S Scavenger by Baker Hughes

Superior efficiency without the negative side effects of conventional treatment.

SAM4 by Semiotic Labs

Condition monitoring, re-engineered.

Terra UT drone
Terra UT Drone Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements with drone by Terra Inspectioneering B.V.

For a safer workplace and a lower downtime.

camera for gas leak
Ultrasonic Camera for Gas Leak Detection by Distran

Pinpoint leaks of any gas up to 50m away.

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