B-CEPS: Achieving deployment excellence by aligning the technology value chain

TechnologyCatalogue.com helps suppliers to create more visibility for their technologies. As an end-user, you have technologies at your fingertips. In addition, TechnologyCatalogue.com supports clients with the technical and non-technical aspects to make the deployment happen and maximise the outcome, based on their vast technology deployment experience.

When it comes to consultancy services of TechnologyCatalogue.com, the typical target audiences within the client company are the technology organisation, technical disciplines and the business.

It has proven vital to ensure that end-user businesses are well aligned with the value chain supplying the technologies. The Procurement function can play a key role in making sure the commercial set-up drives the right collaboration to realize deployment excellence. B-CEPS can help you to align the technology value chain!

    Aligning the technology value chain

    The consultancy services that B-CEPS provides are a seamless fit with TechnologyCatalogue.com, targeting Value Chain excellence and the role of the Procurement function. B-CEPS supports aligning all internal and external parties and making the Procurement function a critical internal partner in support of technology deployment and removing commercial and collaboration blockers.  
    Key areas that B-CEPS can help address are:

    • Ensure alignment and sustainable collaboration with existing and new suppliers to maximise outcomes
    • Create commercial frameworks that drive deployment benefits for all
    • Ensure incentives are aligned towards common goals and effective collaboration
    • Support you with all practical and strategic aspects to achieve the above.


    Tools that will be applied in support of the above include:

    • Multiparty relationship analysis tool (interest, power, culture)
    • Commercial models & templates, agile contracting
    • Business Process Redesign and RACI tools
    • Client/Supplier Relationship SpectrumTM
    • Preset relationship governance models and templates
    • Multiparty Ecosystem mapping

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