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Avail additional features to increase your visibility on the platform and attract the right buyers.

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Performance Optimiser Pack

  • 6 months access to performance dashboard

  • Maximise value & impact of your page(s)

  • Number of page impressions;

  • See which companies view your technology;

  • Track visitor behaviour: Do they watch your videos? Are they visiting your website?

  • The average time spent on the page;

  • Visitors' location;

  • Quarterly page performance with one of our experts providing insights on your page based on similar tech pages' analytics and overall platform data


30-minute Webinar

  • Pitch your technology to end-users.

  • You will receive a list of people that registered for the webinar.

  • One month pre-webinar promotions

    • Social media posts (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook)

    • Email campaign (include in the newsletter sent to thousands of recipients)

    • Website event publication (webinar page for registration)

  • Re-fund in case of less than 40 registrations

  • Webinar recording

  • Post-event promotions: social media post and website publication of the webinar

Highlighted technology

Technology visible on top of relevant modules for a period of 3 months

  • Technology page placed on top of all relevant modules

  • Technology page prominently shown on all applicable search and filter results


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